Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer Get Racy AF on Instagram!

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Marriage has really changed Chelsea Houska.

Or at least that's what it seems like, anyway.

For a while now, Chelsea has been a real class act, avoiding arrests and sex tapes and pointless nude photo shoots -- something we can't say for her fellow Teen Mom costars.

But now, after one month of marriage (and at 27 weeks pregnant, no less), Chelsea's ready to switch things up.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer pic

Is that a photo of Chelsea's new husband, Cole DeBoer, getting up close and personal with her breasts?!

Yes, yes it is.

And we are positively scandalized.

Don't worry though, because as unexpectedly racy as the photo may be -- he's got his lips puckered and he's zeroing in on her boobs, y'all, that's PG-13 as hell -- we've got some sweet updates, too.

One of them being a new photo of Chelsea's baby bump!

Chelsea Houska 27 weeks pregnant

"27 weeks!" she captioned the photo, shared just a few days ago.

"I cannot wait to meet this sweet little boy!"

She also shared a photo of Cole when he was a kid alongside an ultrasound photo of their little bundle.

Cole DeBoer ultrasound comparison pic

"You guys," she adorably explained, "I've totally become that crazy mom that is literally comparing ultrasound pictures with baby pictures of Cole."

"I can't help it! I stare at these photos ALL the time, I'm so excited."

And nobody blames you, girl. You're pretty much living the dream.

Over on Twitter though, that's where the true cuteness lies.

Check out this painfully cute message Chelsea tweeted earlier this week:

I just have to be sappy for a moment....

I truly feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I have such an incredible husband.

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoer wedding picture

I am seriously SO proud to call myself his wife and to have his children.

I cannot wait to raise a son to be just like him. And Aubree to be just as sweet.

My heart is so full.

Aww, Chelsea, stop it.

Really, please stop it. This is too precious, we're too jealous, it's too much.

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