The Voice Recap: This is the Best Season Ever!

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The Voice is back for week three of the Blind Auditions on NBC, and it's looking clearer than ever with each contestant who tries out:

This is the best season yet.

Who earned a place on Team Adam, Team Miley, Team Alicia or Team Blake this week, and who has what it takes to go all the way?

The Voice Season 11 Cast

On Tuesday, the final night of The Voice Season 11’s Blind Auditions, we saw a blast from the past (and the Full House cast)! Sort of!

Candace Cameron-Bure herself was on hand to watch her daughter, 17-year-old Natasha Bure, try out for a place in the singing competition.

Her cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” had potential, but she seemed to fall apart at key moments, losing her composure.

The good news? Adam Levine turned around. 

The bad news? He was the only one who did. 

Yes, you only need one chair to turn to advance, but even Adam suggested that she had a breakdown and may not have what it takes.

Gotta build on this and step it up, Natasha.

Adam Levine Rolls His Eyes GIF

Other aspiring stars who advanced Monday:

Whitney & Shannon (Team Alicia)

Duos are few and far between on The Voice, though The Swon Brothers made it all the way to the Season 4 finale, so it can be done.

Their rendition of "Landslide" was a good first step, and Alicia Keys have them the tough sell to land this twosome on her team's roster.

Johnny Rez (Team Adam) 

Music was integral to this addict's rehab and recovery, and while the 25-year-old IT specialist has room for improvement, he got the nod.

Maye Thomas (Team Miley) 

She had Cyrus when she showed up in leather miniskirt, belting out the Chainsmokers’ “Roses” in her alternative indie-pop way.

Okay, Miley couldn't see her, but she was a picture perfect fit - even if her performance itself needed work to compliment her presence.

The Voice Season 11 Panel

Courtney Harrell (Team Blake) 

Here's a great story; Courtney, a 36-year-old mom who had to drop out of Berklee and put her dreams on hold, is back after a 15-year break.

You wouldn't know it. Surprisingly, in what felt like a natural fit for Alicia's team, Court ended up joining Blake Shelton in the coup of the night.

Tarra Layne, Charity Bowden, JSoul, and Belle Jewel (Team Blake, Team Miley, Team Adam, and Team Alicia, respectively)

Yes, there was a quadruple montage, making us wonder why tonight is a clip show and there wasn't a whole separate episode. Oh well.

Kylie Rothfield (Team Alicia)

The 23-year-old former Berklee student and “choir nerd” won Keys over with her rendition of “Wherever I Go,” which was pretty terrific.

The Voice 8.21.16 Blind Auditions.

Blaine Long (Team Blake)

This 40-year-old dad has struggled in life, so John Hiatt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me” was a great choice for a humble Americana singer. 

Ponciano Seoane (Team Adam)

A 25-year-old guitarist/saxophonist who sang Phillip Phillips’ hit “Home” proved that the introverted WGWG model is alive and well.

Josette Diaz (Team Miley)

With only one team spot left, the 17-year-old Miley superfan just had to impress her idol enough to make it through. She did just that.

The Voice Season 11 Photo

And there you have it, Voice Nation.

The Season 11 teams are already complete, and each of the four star coaches has a few contenders, that could take home the crown.

Blake's best hopes could be country rocker Austin Allsup, Dan Shafer, the polished Courtney Harrell, or Idol veteran Sundance Head.

Team Adam has country child star Billy Gilman and returning Nolan Neal, while Miley has very well for herself here in the early going.

Ali Caldwell and Sa’Rayah, Sophie Urista and Darby Walker, Maye Thomas, and Khaliya Kimberlie ... all have some serious potential.

Alicia Keys, though, may best them all.

The Battle Rounds commence next week, with 48 singers taking part! Whose team do you think has the best talent thus far?!

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