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It’s been a long, uneven road, but The Vampire Diaries is finally approaching its endgame on The CW. 

On The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 1, the search was very much on for Damon and Enzo. Bonnie was heartbroken without Enzo in her life. Yes, we know what you’re all thinking: Why should you care about a couple who have only been a couple for a handful of episodes?

Yes, it’s a little ridiculous, but Bonenzo are so damn cute together. If they don’t end the series together, it would be a squandered opportunity to give Bonnie that happy ending she deserves. 

It's Feeding Time on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 1
(The CW)

Sure, Bonnie has to die for Elena to return, but if this show has taught us anything, it’s that there are pretty much always loopholes to the magic in Mystic Falls.

Bonnie and Stefan teaming up to go around crime scenes seemed very similar to Sam and Dean from Supernatural. It was fun to watch them together, but it’s just heartbreaking to watch poor Bonnie mope from crime scene to crime scene. 

The opening scene was very reminiscent of the first ever episode of The Vampire Diaries. The main difference was that Enzo was the one laying down in front of the car. However, both victims were not necessarily murdered by Damon and Enzo. 

They decided the best course of action would be to find out their victims’ deepest, darkest secrets in order to make sure their boss got to feast on only the most wicked one. 

Stefan Is On The Case On The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 1
(The CW)

It was a great tactic to at least find out some information about the people who were about to die. The odd thing about all of it was that Damon was completely care-free because he switched his humanity off. 

In a hilarious scene, Damon indulged in reading some Fifty Shades of Grey, before throwing Enzo into the disgusting pit of red water their boss, Sybil was hiding in. 

Apparently, Sybil would not show herself until she had eaten enough of the residents of Mystic Falls. She did not like being questioned by her two chefs, either.

When Stefan finally caught up with Damon, he was shocked to find Damon acting calm. Stefan’s attempt to take him home was a complete dud and it resulted in Enzo and Damon holding he and Bonnie hostage. 

When they finally left, Damon revealed that he’s been living in hell ever since Stefan forced him to drink the blood to complete his transition to a vampire in 1864. Yikes, talk about being honest and all that jazz. 

The truth hurt both Stefan and Bonnie, who set off back home, wondering about how they could save their loved ones. Bonnie realized that Enzo was leaving a trail for Bonnie to follow him. 

Bonnie realized that the two of them were under the control of the Siren and the description in the book backed it up when it described exactly what Damon and Enzo were getting up to with all of the bodies. 

Elsewhere, Caroline was doing some digging of her own and it involved her using a dude at work to decode the sound on a video between Virginia and Enzo. 

Seline Is Scared on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 1
(The CW)

If you recall, Virginia was the crazy chick who Bonnie was in hospital with in The Vampire Diaries Season 7. She warned Caroline not to use her two daughters to open the vault, or there would be consequences. 

Unsurprisingly, that rung true and she showed up at Caroline’s home and murdered her hot new nanny. That death didn’t stick and Caroline brought her back into the land of the living with the help of some vampire blood.

She then sent her off on a mission of her own to take the kids out for two hours. What was Caroline going to get up to in those two hours?

Interrogate Virginia, of course!

Virginia had other plans and as soon as she informed Caroline the new villain was after her daughters, Sybil killed her remotely. It was a pointless death for an even more pointless character. 

Caroline struggled to get in contact with Alaric, who was kind of busy in the vault with his two henchmen. They found a way to get through the walls. 

It was all pretty bizarre, but it paved the way for one of his employees to hit on him. He shot that down pretty quickly when he revealed the only thing he was focusing on was being a father. 

How very fatherly of him. Right?

Alaric & Caroline At Odds on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 1
(The CW)

When he got wind that Caroline was in trouble, he rushed to her home to help dispose of the body. He also requested to live in her home to be close to the kids. 

Caroline was taken aback, but jumped the opportunity to move in with Stefan so she could have snuggles on demand. The writers had better keep Steroline together, or we riot. 

If that wasn’t enough twists for you, we found out that Sybil was now ready to kick off her reign of terror on the earth. Gulp. 

Stray thoughts:

  • The show seems to be embracing the end and that resulted in Stefan writing to Elena while Stefan was very much out of the loop. 
  • Damon had a dream of the first time he laid eyes on Elena. Could that flip his humanity switch back on?
  • Matt was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he’s off bringing Sarah Salvatore back into the fold. 
  • The flashbacks were a nice touch, but flashbacks of Damon and Stefan in 1864 would have been better. There can never be enough of those. 
  • Caroline was as funny as ever with her witty one-liners. 

What did you think of the episode? Did it live up to the hype?

You can watch The Vampire Diaries online via our friends at TV Fanatic if you want to get caught up on all of the twisted developments.