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On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 Episode 17, the Ireland trip ended with the conclusion of the bus ride from …

Hell. It was hell. No other word can do it justice.

Back in Orange County, meanwhile, the women try to make sense of their war on foreign soil, while Meghan fled to St. Louis, Missouri.

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Why? Let’s break down that and much more …

Kelly Dodd decided that she was done playing nice with Vicki Gunvalson. These two just can’t seem to get along with each other, so it’s probably for the best they steer clear of each other. 

However, Kelly decided to go nuclear on her enemy and it was pretty damn crazy. Vicki implied that she didn’t like the drunk version of Kelly, but Kelly was having absolutely none of it. 

Kelly felt it was time to reveal that Vicki told her Shannon Beador’s husband, “beat the sh*t” out of her. It was a moment we thought would never play out on the hit reality series, but Kelly was just over it. 

As you can probably expect, Shannon was not amused at her dirty laundry being aired in front of the Bravo cameras. I mean, even if what Kelly said was true, she crossed a line by choosing that time to reveal it. 

It was a passive-aggressive move on her part to try and turn the tide on Vicki on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 Episode 17.

Yes, we get she and Vicki have beef, but Shannon’s marital woes did not need to become part of the drama. 

However, Kelly was quick to point out that she done nothing wrong. It may be true that Vicki should not have been lifting the lid on news that was not hers to begin with, but Kelly should have known this was not the time, or the place. 

It was clear Vicki was desperate for a hole to open up and for the ground below her to to just swallow her up, but she tried to sugar coat what she did and it was blatantly obvious. 

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Vicki implied that the only reason she opened her mouth, was because she feared David was going to hit her at a party. How convenient.

Poor Shannon had no idea how to process what the heck had just went down and settled for reminding Vicki that her kids used to refer to her as “Aunt Vicki.”

Oh, the drama. 

If you thought things could not get any worse, they most certainly did. 

Tamra Judge felt the need to ask Kelly if Vicki told her anything else. Selfish? Yes, but I guess she was trying to make sure everything was aired at that point so they did not need to revisit anything that came out of Kelly’s mouth down the line. 

There was some word that Vicki was talking about Tamra and Eddie’s fractured relationship. This paved the way for Tamra to run up to Vicki’s face and scream, “F*** YOU!”

Vicki tried to play the innocent card, but we all know just how devious she can be if she wants to.

Kelly then took aim at Heather Dubrow for apparently looking down on her. Umm, all of the people watching the show were probably looking down on her at that point. 

Heather probably wanted to steer clear of the drama. It’s not like she was the one blabbing about things she shouldn’t be. 

Back home, Tamra and Shannon are not letting Vicki’s claims go, but they did point out that they were funny. 

Briana was the one to point out that Vicki is in the wrong and never wants to admit when she’s done something wrong. She does have a point. 

However, Kelly continued to place the blame on Heather and that rubber her husband the wrong way. He pointed out that Kelly can work separately with the ladies to mend their relationships. 

Later, Vicki and Kelly met up for lunch and Vicki actually apologized for her actions. Kelly nearly choked on her lunch because Vicki has probably never apologized before. 

Kelly did admit that she needed to take ownership of her wrong doings, but she’s over it. 

As much as Vicki apologized to Kelly, she took to blaming alcohol on all of the things she said. That’s an easy way out of a really tough situation. 

When it was all said and done, the ladies all attended the fitness competition. 

Sure, the friendships are still fractured as hell, but at least they can put things aside to help a friend in need. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you know there will be a lot more arguments to come from the ladies!