Lindsay Lohan in Full Meltdown Mode at LOHAN Night Club

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Lindsay Lohan can't catch a break - or even the attention of "fans" at the newly-opened Greek night club, LOHAN. 

Watch in horror as Lindsay attempts to settle the crowd as the crowd just crows and laughs. 

Oh man, so embarrassing, right? 

Is Lindsay's star fading after her worst year of troubles since going entirely off the rails and losing most of the enamel off her teeth? 

We think perhaps. 

Partied Out
Lindsay Lohan Teeth

In the video, Lohan can clearly be heard, pleading with the crowd. 

Initially, she asked the crowd for a moment of quiet so she could speak. 

When the crowd completely blew her off, she got a little more vulgar. 

She said - repeatedly - "Shut the f--k up," though nobody listened to her admonishments.  

Lindsay Lohan Crying

"This is a a really important thing," she continued. 

"I just want everyone to ..." she trailed off. 

"Shut the f--k up!" she then yelled. 

It got worse from there. 

You'd think being told by a former international superstar to "shut the f--k up," the crowd might listen. 

Oh hell no. 

Lohan Crying

"No, seriously, please," she begged. 

"Just stop talking and listen for a second." 

"I'm not going to speak until you stop," she whined. 

The crowd only continued laughing and jeering, and did not give Lohan the quiet moment she begged for. 

After she realized that the crowd didn't give a flying rat's ass about what she had to say, she ordered the DJ to shut the music down. 

Lindsay's Message

"Turn it off," she said. "Turn the whole thing off." 

Too sad, as this has easily been the worst year of Lindsay's life in a long time 

After suffering through an embarrassing, abusive relationship with her ex, Egor Tarabasov - who she claimed tried to kill her - she nearly lost her finger in a freak accident. 

Donald Trump even publicly shat on Lindsay's terrible 2016 by claiming that he wanted to sex her up in the worst way. 

If that didn't cap off her crap year as it were, this latest night club debacle surely put the nail in 2016's coffin. 

Thank heavens that the year is nearly over, and some of us - ahem - can start afresh, right? 

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