Liam Hemsworth to Miley Cyrus: You're a Pothead!

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THIS JUST IN: Miley Cyrus loves to smoke marijuana.

What? You knew that already?

This news is less breaking than the non-revelation that Donald Trump is a womanizing bigot? Oh, okay then. Our bad.

Miley Cyrus with MJ

But the singer's penchant for pot is apparently fairly new for boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, despite him and Miley having been together for a number of years overall.

According to a Life & Style insider, the actor and the artist recently got into major blowout over the latter's affection for getting high... pretty much all the time.

How did Cyrus reportedly react to this criticism?

"She was screaming at him, telling him he was holding her back and making her hide who she truly is," an anonymous friend tells the tabloid.

The article in question goes on to say it "wasn't long" after this argument when Hemsworth and Cyrus "ended their engagement."

"They are still both so upset and angry," the insider alleges, although he or she adds that Hemsworth hopes the two “can work things out.”

Liam Hemsworth in a Nice Suit

There's been no confirmation, of course, that Hemsworth and Cyrus have actually split.

For as much as some critics may lay into Miley for constantly wanting attention, she ought to be praised for how she keeps her romantic life on the proverbial Down Low.

When was the last time you heard Cyrus even mention Hemsworth's name?


The star has been open, however, about her dating history.

In a recent, revealing interview with Variety, Miley admitted that her first-ever hookup was actually a girl.

Does this mean she's a bisexual? The singer would prefer if you didn't use that word or that label.

"I always hated the word 'bisexual’ because that's even putting me in a box,” she explained to the publication, adding:

"I don't ever think about someone being a boy or someone being a girl... I'm the only f--king Disney star who would say I'm pro-lesbian and gay before it was OK to say that."

That's actually true.

Cyrus deserves props for being outspoken on the topic of sexuality.

Miley Cyrus Gets Goofy

And she's always been just as outspoken on the topic of marijuana.

She loves it! She smokes it often! And she thinks other people should, as well.

"I put pictures of me smoking weed on my Instagram" Cyrus said way back in September of 2014.

"I was brought up in the way that we never thought marijuana was bad. I don't promote it in my songs or say it and whatever, but it's not like I'm sitting around telling a bunch of kids to do a bunch of drugs."

She also told Rolling Stone in 2013:

"I think alcohol is way more dangerous than marijuana - people can be mad at me for saying that, but I don't care. I've seen a lot of people spiral down with alcohol, but I've never seen that happen with weed."

But has Miley's own relationship now spiraled out of control as a result of weed?

Eh, probably not.

Does anyone really believe this report?

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