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Kim Zolciak is absolutely full of surprises.

It surprises us every time she posts a bikini selfie and pretends like she didn’t edit it, even a little bit.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann in a Bikini

It surprises us when she claims to have only had minimal plastic surgeries.

And now, she’s really throwing us for a loop, because there are quite a few rumors floating around that Kim Zolciak is pregnant.


Check out this photo of Kim with Mario Lopez yesterday:

Kim Zolciak with Brielle Biermann and Mario Lopez

A lot of people are seeing a possible baby bump there, or at least a little more roundness in her midsection than we’re used to seeing.

Kim has six children, if you can believe it: she has daughters Brielle and Ariana from a former relationship, then when she married Kroy Biermann they had sons Kroy Jr. and Kash, then twins Kaia and Kane.

After Kim gave birth to the twins, Kroy got a vasectomy, but vasectomies aren’t forever.

In fact, in an episode of Don’t Be Tardy, the family’s reality show, that aired just a few weeks ago, Kim and Kroy were seen visiting a doctor to discuss how possible it would be for them to have additional children.

Well, what actually happened was Kim went to see a doctor and she dragged a very reluctant Kroy along, but let’s not split hairs here.

Kroy Biermann with Kim Zolciak

They were told that Kroy’s vasectomy could be reversed, but if they didn’t want to go that route, then Kroy could undergo a procedure in which a needle would sneak into his manly bits and procure a bit of sperm.

After that fun little appointment, they went to another doctor — sounds like Kim is pretty intent on another baby, huh? — who suggested that since Kim is 38 and might have trouble conceiving, they combine some of that sperm with Kim’s eggs and just freeze some embryos.

And then, in an interview Kim did last month, she was open about her desire to have more kids.

"I love being a mom, I absolutely love it," she said. "Maybe when Kroy isn’t in the NFL and I’m not filming every day. It would be nice to have a baby and enjoy it."

Kim Zolciak Promotes 'Dancing With The Stars'

Well, if one her stipulations for baby-making is that Kroy be out of the NFL, it seems like now would be a pretty good time.

Kroy, who was with the Atlanta Falcons for eight years, was traded to the Buffalo Bills earlier this year, but he was cut after only two weeks with them.

He’s currently described as a "free agent" — sounds like he’d have plenty of time to help out with a new baby, right?

So what do you think, does all this add up to yet another Kim Zolciak pregnancy?

Or is the possible baby bump just evidence that she edits her selfies so much that it’s alarming and confusing to see her shaped like an actual human being?