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We don’t want to cause any mass panic, but…


The Hollywood Gossip

Trust us. You will not regret doing so.

The video features a self-described Christian mother of four who first explains her morning routine and how she drives her kids to school and how she typically listens to Christian radio.

For whatever reason, though, she had a different station on one recent morning and the station played Vince Staples “Norf Norf.”

As a mom, the woman says the track "infuriated" her, even with the "cuss words bleeped out."

The mother is particularly taken aback because her 11-year old daughter listens to the radio station in question and "I couldn’t even believe the words that I was listening to."

To emphasize her point, the woman proceeds to recite lyrics to the entire song, breaking down at certain lines she seemed to find misogynistic and violent, including lyrics about abortions, guns and gang-banging.

And this is where the video gets taken to a whole new level of viral awesomeness.

The Hollywood Gossip

"I’ve gotta collect myself because this is what our youth is being subjected to," she says prior to reading the song’s lyrics, word-by-word.

In truth, the woman isn’t making a terrible point.

She’s concerned about what her kids are listening to and the messages they’re receiving and that’s perfectly reasonable and valid.

But she cries hysterically while reading the words to "Norf Norf" out loud for minutes at a time.

It’s not hard to understand why the video has been shared so many times on social media.

As you can imagine, Twitter had a field day with the footage…

The Hollywood Gossip

It’s worth noting that one of the woman’s kids is in the background while the woman is reciting lyrics about running from the police, having lots of sex and doing drugs.

(The "hoes need abortions" line is where she really loses it.)

The Hollywood Gossip

Toward the end of the video, the emotional mother does clarify that she isn’t condemning the DJs playing the music ("I understand they have a job to do," she says)… or even the people who listen to it.

“But as a mom … man," she says.

"I’m raising four little girls, and that just breaks my heart that that is the kind of music that’s being played.

The mother then pleads with other parents to “be aware that what your kids are listening to can have an impact on their lives.”

That’s actually a fair thing to say and advise. All parents should absolutely be aware of the music their kids are listening to.

But all parents should probably not record a video of themselves reciting the R-Rated lyrics to those songs on the Internet. It just invites ridicule.