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Incredibly, or perhaps not so incredibly, this morning brings news of a Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta scandal NOT about Joseline and Stevie J.

Cast member Karen King has allegedly been shafting people out of car payments for so long that she is a wanted woman, TMZ reports.

Karen King Mug Shots
(Booking Photo)

Let this be a lesson to everyone out there to pay bills. 

According to law enforcement sources, King purchased a Maserati in 2014, but apparently didn’t buy the whole thing in cash up front.

At this point it’s been months since King has made a payment, and understandably, the car’s owner is far from pleased with this fact.

She’s now facing a repossession, in other words.

The repo man’s been after her and the fancy, unpaid automobile for months, but King has been surprisingly hard to track down, apparently.

Heading to court was the only option remaining.

Karen King

A judge signed a warrant for Karen’s arrest late last week, but she’s still MIA, according to several sources close to the developing situation.

King has more legal issues to answer to than this, too.

If you watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online, King was arrested back in May for identity fraud, and is facing up to three years in prison.

Between that alleged crime and her issues with the repo man, she may want to turn herself in … or hole up wherever she is for a decade.

Not looking good, in other words.

In other Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta news, Joseline Hernandez has found herself in more legal drama after ex-partner Stevie J filed a lawsuit.

The increasingly frequent and outrageous accusations Joseline has made lately about him finally led him to take action, reports indicate.

To recap, she says Stevie molests his daughter with Mimi Faust, watches gay porn, and worships Satan. You know. Among other things.

In response, Stevie filed a defamation suit, claiming Joseline has been running a “smear campaign” and his reputation has been ruined.

Not sure he can blame her exclusively for that, but if Hernandez really did call Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services on him?

That would be crossing the line to say the least.

Stevie is suing for unspecified monetary damages and wants a judge to make Joseline stop making these allegations against him.

Good luck muzzling that loose cannon.