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From the moment that Jinger Duggar got engaged to Jeremy Vuolo, there were rumors that the rushed courtship was spurred by ulterior motives.

Fans claimed that the smitten lovebirds Jinger and Jeremy were moving too fast (yes, even by Duggar standards, it stood out).

And the Jin-Jer gossip got even crazier still …

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo

There were even reports that the couple was speeding past the usual relationship milestones because Jinger was pregnant with Jeremy’s baby.

Obviously, that one turned out to be bogus.

Young adults among the Arkansas brood aren’t even permitted to engage in premarital front-hugging, much less premarital sex.

Only awkward side hugs, as we know.

But the fact remained that Jinger and Jeremy were moving awfully fast, even when compared to Jinger’s married sisters Jill and Jessa.


Mrs. Dillard and Seewald both married men they’d met less than a year earlier, and still, Jinger’s courtship has raised eyebrows. Why?

Was there a cause for all this urgency other then the eagerness of young love and the fact that Jinge has always been (kind of) rebellious)?

Well, now some fans believe they may have figured out the unspoken, secret reasoning behind Jinger and Jeremy’s hasty courtship …

TLC recently announced that a Jinger-Jeremy wedding episode is soon to come, which wouldn’t be surprising on its own, but there’s a twist:

Jinger and Jeremy's Big Moment

Considering how much the new season of Counting On has had issues finding an audience, many fans feel it may also serve as the series finale.

Yes, it’s possible that Counting On isn’t long for this world.

Given the frequent complaints about the show’s tendency to drag out storylines and rely on clip shows – in mid-season! – and previously aired episodes?

Let’s just say it’s been a creative struggle this fall so far.

Despite the rabid loyalty of card-carrying members of Duggar Nation, it’s something of a miracle that the show has made it this far.

In fact, without the Jinger-Jeremy courtship storyline?

It’s hard to imagine how the series would have kept viewers engaged for an entire season, or how there would even be a shot at this rate.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Reveal Courtship Rules ... or Lack Thereof

Not surprisingly, that’s led fans to the conclusion that Jinger and Jeremy got engaged for the sake of her family’s ailing reality franchise.

A bit of a stretch based on any real evidence, but not a bad theory.

Would Jinge and Jer still be planning a wedding without the added incentive of increased viewership for their TLC reality show?

Obviously, we’ll never know for sure.

But considering how much TLC has been Counting On (sorry!) their romance to drive ratings, it’s hard to believe that didn’t factor into their sprint for the altar.

For a time, there were rumors that the swooning Jinger and Jeremy would get married as soon as this past weekend.

Thus far, there’s been no indication that they actually made it legal.

But when they do, you can rest assured that the whole thing will be captured for a very special episode of Counting On.

Possibly the last.