Jenelle Evans Shows Off BIG Baby Bump!

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Right now, Jenelle Evans is about six months pregnant with her third child.

Come January, she'll have three children with three different men -- and what a cause to celebrate, right?

Jenelle certainly thinks so, because she gathered up her boyfriend, David Eason, her two sons, Jace and Kaiser, and David's daughter, Maryssa, and took the whole bunch out for a very special family photo shoot.

Jenelle Evans maternity photo

There's Jenelle kickin' it solo in a pumpkin patch. Get it, because it's fall and her pregnant belly is round, like a pumpkin?

In the caption, Jenelle addressed her unborn daughter, Ensley Jolie Eason.

"Miss Ensley, we are waiting patiently for your arrival and wish it wasn't taking so long! Everyone is super excited to meet you and cannot wait to hold you."

"Such a joy to bring a little girl into our big family. Love you baby girl!"

She also shared a photo of Jace, Kaiser, and Maryssa chilling on a bale of hay, like one does.

Jenelle Evans kids photo

"This kids are such a handful but great kids altogether," she said of this picture. "Blessed to have such a beautiful family."

If they're "such a handful," then imagine throwing a newborn in the mix! Might be time to figure out how birth control works after this baby, girl.

And finally, Jenelle was nice enough to show us this pic of her great big sketchy boyfriend holding a pumpkin against his stomach. Because now they both have bumps, get it? Do you get it?!

Jenelle Evans David Eason maternity pic

Jenelle is witty AF, obviously.

For this photo, Jenelle pulled out some tired old quote -- "Every family needs a good father to anchor it" -- then added that "this man has always put our #FamilyFirst since day one."

"I'm truly blessed and one very lucky woman to call him mine."

She even added a "Whose Pumpkin Is Bigger?!" hashtag. LOL, stop, Jenelle! LMAO!

Objectively speaking, these are some real cute pictures, sure. They look like a happy little family.

Jenelle Evans David Eason Kids Easter

But this is Jenelle Evans we're talking about. How long until it all goes to hell?

How long until we hear about police visiting their house for some "he said, she said" violence, and how long until we get an entire season of Teen Mom 2 dedicated to the epic coparenting feud between Jenelle and David?

Considering this girl's track record, it's just hard to get very excited.

About anything.

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