Donald Trump Supporter Doesn't Know How Menstruation Works

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Donald Trump supporters are a passionate bunch, this is one topic on which voters from all parties can agree.

They may believe in a womanizing bigot who cares only about himself and who has an undiagnosed personality disorder, but hey...

... they believe in him strongly, that's for certain.

Donald Trump is a Bad Person

But passion may be the only positive thing we can say about many of these people.

Because they're just not smart.

We're not simply saying this because they're voting for a man who has absolutely no idea about foreign policy... or domestic policy... or because this man is a narcissistic racist.

We're saying it as a matter of fact for the most part.

And this is why: the following letter was published in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, a Pennsylvania newspaper last week.

It questions how Hillary Clinton can serve as President of the United States when she... well... when she has her period once per month.

Donald Trump Letter

Where do we even start with this question, that's the real question?

Who wants to tell Carl Unger than there's a really good chance he's interacted many times with a woman on her period because that doesn't mean she's "sick at the same time?

Who wants to explain to him how tampons work?

Who wants to explain to Carl that he and his ilk aren't "sexist" because he is "critical" of Clinton and her "health?"

They're sexist because they think a woman cannot hold a position of power because she menstruates once a month.

(And they're racist because they think black people are less important than white people and they talk about taking their country "back" from a black President.  But that's a different matter.)

And is there any way at all to make Carl understand why Clinton, at age 68, no longer has a "time of the month" to worry about?

The word and concept behind menopause might actually cause his head to explode, right?

Considering this is someone who refers to Donald Trump as an "everyday guy," yeah. It's safe to assume that all of this medical talk and science talk is far above his head.

But now we know who Carl Unger is voting for.

How about YOU?

And the Winner is?

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