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Fresh off of Jinger and Jeremy’s engagement, Counting On Season 3 Episode 9 saw another Duggar milestone that we never saw coming.

Okay, everyone and their 18 siblings saw it coming.

If you watch Counting On online, or follow the famous family whatsoever, you’ve heard there was a baby on the way. Now, it’s confirmed …

Watch Jill & Jessa Counting On Season 3 Episode 9 Online
Watch Jill & Jessa Counting On Season 3 Episode 9 Online

Following Jinger’s engagement, she, Jeremy Vuolo, Jessa, Ben, Spurgeon, Michelle Duggar and friends had Korean BBQ to celebrate.

There, Jinger updated us on her courtship rules:

"Now that Jeremy and I are engaged, we’re planning to hold hands, but I think we’re going to save our first kiss for our wedding day."

The focus is still on "communication" and "being wise with physical affection and the boundaries there and saving that part for marriage."

And MASH (massive amounts of side hugs).

Jessa Duggar Talks Jeremy Vuolo-Jinger Duggar Engagement

To that end, even family matriarch Michelle said her job as chaperone was tricky because it’s "kinda hard to keep two magnets apart."

Still, she was thrilled … and just wait:

"Ben and I are excited to announce that we are having another baby!" Jessa Duggar told the cameras, allegedly before her family knew.

"I guess I’m built more like my mom," she said, noting that some of her sisters had likely figured this out, but not the whole Duggar crew.

According to Jessa, Jill Duggar figured out she was pregnant during a video chat just a week after Jessa had learned the exciting news.

Well, now it’s time for all to know …

Jessa Duggar Pregnancy Announcement Video

Jinger took a special family photo of Jessa, Ben and Spurgeon to help them announce the news to all who had not figured it out by now.

"Doubling the love," read the chalkboard in the cute photo, which Jinger – who was also in on the secret, clearly – could not wait to reveal.

Meanwhile, Jill and Derick were ready to return home to the U.S., where Jana (obviously) was in charge of preparing for their return.

Upon arriving back in Arkansas, Jill and Derick couldn’t believe the renovations that the family made Jana be in charge of for their home.

Then it was time for their first one-on-one moment since leaving for Central America, with Jessa babysitting. Exciting, hot stuff right?

Oh yes. They went to … the grocery store.

Hey, it’s all about the simple pleasures in life, right?

Finally, Jessa and Ben invited everyone over for ice cream, and presented Jim Bob and Michelle with a belated anniversary gift:

The framed photo announcing their pregnancy.

She beamed that she was "100 days" pregnant, which is pretty impressive to withhold: Guess Jessa Duggar’s baby bump didn’t pop yet!

So it’s 2 and Counting for the Seewalds. But don’t expect her to follow in Michelle’s footsteps when it comes to … well, birthing 17 more.

"I won’t be giving birth to 19 kids," she said, although she hedged, "I mean, I don’t foresee that … maybe I will surprise myself."

You don’t want to rule anything out, it’s true.