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This is some no-good, very bad, absolutely terrible news, so brace yourself. Are you ready?

There’s no way you’re ready.

According to a new report, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson just might be following in Brangelina’s footsteps.

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson Star cover
Photo via Star

Yep, we’re talking about a potential divorce here. Heaven help us all.

Pull yourself together, as your heart just surely shattered into a billion little pieces, and now let’s review the details of this couple’s alleged struggles.

Star reports that Tom and Rita had "a major blowout fight" last month, one that "caused Rita to storm out." It was apparently a long time coming though — the report also claims that tensions have been high for a while now.

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson pic
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One of the couple’s big issues is purportedly Tom’s extremely successful career.

"Tom’s been going straight from one set to another," a source claims. "It wasn’t easy for him to hide his pain while filming ‘Sully,’ but nonstop working is a kind of escape for him."

Here’s where it gets unbearably sad though.

"When Rita confronts him about it," the source adds, "he promises he’ll slow down, but he never does. They’re caught in a vicious cycle."

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson photo
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Another issue is said to be the couple’ son, Chet Hanks, and his ongoing issues with substance abuse.

These past few years have been hard ones for Chet — he went to rehab in 2014, then in 2015 he mysteriously disappeared for several weeks. It couldn’t have been easy for Tom and Rita to deal with all that.

And it wasn’t: according to this source, Rita "thinks Tom is too easy" on Chet.

Chet Hanks Image

"Tom can be heavy-handed and overbearing with Rita," the source reveals, "but he’s the complete opposite with his son. Rita takes a tough-love approach."

And, tragically, "in some ways she blames Tom for Chet’s problems."

Hopefully, if there’s even the tiniest bit of truth in this, Tom and Rita can sort out their problems instead of going the same way as Brad and Angelina went before them.

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson old photo
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After all, they’ve been married for 28 years now, and they’re pretty much the picture of true love and happiness, at least in Hollywood. If they split up, that would be the final nail in love’s coffin.

We can’t take this, not with everything else that’s happened this week. We have to have something to believe in.

Tom, Rita, don’t you do this to us. Don’t you even dare.