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You know how whenever you think of Lindsay Lohan these days, pretty much all you can do is shake your head and sigh?

Yeah, just go ahead and get ready to do a whole lot of that, because this girl has been acting like the hottest mess that ever was.

Lindsay Lohan Ring Photo
Photo via Instagram

Poor Lindsay, as you’ve probably heard, hasn’t been having the greatest time lately. Her acting career has been in shambles for years now, thanks to her many arrests, rehab stays, and all her countless meltdowns.

And then, of course, there’s all the new drama with Egor Tarabosov.

Egor is probably the sketchiest person to ever come into Lindsay’s life — and that’s saying a lot.

Lindsay has said that Egor was abusive to her, and she’s said that he tried to kill her on more than one occasion. There was also the photo she posted with what looked like a gigantic painful bruise on her arm.

Lindsay Lohan Bruise Pic
Photo via Instagram/Lindsay Lohan

And let’s not even get started on those pregnancy rumors. No one has time to sort through all the anxiety and fear that would come with a pregnant Lindsay Lohan.

But now there’s a new report of Lindsay behaving badly.

On the bright side, this story doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Egor. Unfortunately, that’s the only good thing about this story.

Lindsay Lohan: Sexy Pose Attempt
Photo via Instagram

As Radar reports, Lindsay was partying at a club in Moscow last weekend when she suddenly started to freak the hell out.

She allegedly began "screaming" and "waving her arms," and all because of a phone.

"She poked a finger at a girl sitting at the table with her and said that she stole her phone," a witness at the club claims.

Lindsay Lohan on a Boat

And then later, when Lindsay received a check for her night of partying, she flipped out again and "demanded" the girl pay her tab.

As the witness says, "she screamed at the poor girl. For some reason, she was unable to pay for her own fun at the club."

In the end, some other people with Lindsay ended up paying the bill.

Lindsay Lohan No Makeup Instagram Selfie

So this barely makes sense, right? Lindsay thought some random girl stole her phone, then later tried to make her pay for her drinks in retaliation?

Why wouldn’t she just try to get her phone back and then go on with her life? What kind of twisted logic would make Lindsay think that a suitable punishment for stealing her phone would be to pay her bar tab?

Lindsay Lohan Summer Selfie

Maybe we’re the crazy ones, trying to rationalize Lindsay’s behavior.  And by "maybe," we mean "definitely."

It’s all just too sad. But then again, that’s Lindsay Lohan for you.