The Voice Recap: Only One Hour This Monday?!

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The Voice is back for another week of Blind Auditions, but thanks to the Clinton-Trump presidential debate, we only got an hour's worth, not two.

That said, the NBC reality competition made it count.

The Voice Season 11 Photo

Who earned a spot on one of the coaches' teams?

Bindi Liebowitz, a gospel/choir singer performing “Bust The Windows,” sparked a battle between veterans Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

Adam got the nod, earning the bragging rights.

Next up was Zack Hicks, whose montage tells us that he came out as gay and almost lost his relationship with his own mother over it.

Great story, but no chairs turned around. :(

After that, Elia Esparza took a huge risk, but it paid off as she made an impression by singing in Spanish, and got three chairs to turn.

Adam snagged her as well, over Miles and Blake.

The Voice 8.21.16 Blind Auditions.

Lane Mack, a family man from Louisiana, was the next aspiring star to take the stage with his rendition of “Everyday I Have The Blues.”

His performance got Miley to push her button, and while she was the only one to do so, that's all it takes to land a spot on The Voice!

Can he advance beyond this? We shall see.

Karlee Metzger, a YouTube star who performed a version of “Samson” impressed Miley and Blake with her blind audition Monday night.

Miley enlisted her services after a back-and-forth.

The Voice Season 11 Cast

The last artist of the night on this truncated episode was Josh Halverson, and he became the first, and only, star to get Alicia Keys’ attention.

Keys, Blake and Miley all pushed their buttons at the last minute, and Adam - sitting this one out - pushed for Josh to join Team Blake.

Halverson went with his gut, though, and Alicia.

So, after night three of blind auditions here in Season 11, here’s where the four celebrity coaches' teams stand so far ...

Team Alicia Keys: We McDonald , Dave Moisan, Jason Warrior, Christian Cuevas, Lauren Diaz, Josh Halverson. 

Team Miley Cyrus: Darby Walker, Courtnie Ramirez, Ali Caldwell, Sa’Rayah, Sophia Urista, Lane Mack, Karlee Metzger.

Team Blake Shelton: Sundance Head, Dana Harper, Gabe Broussard, Ethan Tucker, Dan Shafer. 

Team Adam Levine: Riley Elmore, Andrew DeMuro, Billy Gilman, Brendan Fletcher, Bindi Liebowitz, Elia Esparza.

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