The Real Housewives of Atlanta Trailer: The B-tch is Back!

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Based on the following trailer for The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9, all will not exactly peachy keen in The Peach State this fall.

Far from it, in fact.

We didn't think it was possible for this reality show to ratchet up the drama any more than it has in past seasons... but then we feasted our eyes on the footage below.

Kenya Moore is Angry

The sneak peek opens with Sheree Whitfield announcing her return as a full-time cast members, following years of simply stopping by the show on occasion.

And she does it as only Sheree Whitfield would do it, declaring quite simply:

"The bitch is back!"

As those who watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online know quite well, Whitfield and Kenya Moore have continuously taken major shots at one another, specifically when it comes to whose mansion would be finished first.

Yes, the people on this program get in fights about their mansion constructions.

Even Kim Kardashian would roll her eyes over their #FirstWorldProblems.

Cynthia Bailey in Shock

Cue the "Gone With the Wind Fabulous” artist referring to Whitfield as a “ho” during an especially heated argument about their incomplete estates.

Whitfield instantly comes back at her by screaming: “Ho?! Why you running away with your unfinished ass house?!?"

You tell 'em, Sheree!

Elsewhere in the preview, we see that Moore’s relationship with her boyfriend, Matt Jordan, appears to be suffering as well.

“He kicked in my hotel room door,” she cries to the camera, as Jordan is seen tearing through her house on a mean mission. "Just mad and hitting the walls."

All jokes aside, that is NOT cool.

Phaedra Parks, Not Impressed

As for Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter Thomas?

Earlier this summer, Bailey confirmed her split from Thomas after six years of marriage. Expect this to be a major storyline when new episodes air later this year on Bravo.

“I want a divorce,” Cynthia tells her attorney in the promo.

In another first look, close friends Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams wonder whether or not Bailey is pulling the marriage because she has a “love interest.”

How juicy!

Sheree Whitfield in Atlanta

But Thomas isn’t quite ready give up just yet.

"I love my wife," he tells a friend. "I was in it 'til we died."

Parks, meanwhile, has her own problems: a former client threw a grenade at her office. For real. An actual grenade.

"He was looking for you and he was going to blow you the f-ck up," Kandi Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce, tells the entertainment lawyer. 

Finally, Burruss will be adjusting to motherhood with her 9-month-old son, Ace, who she shares with husband Todd Tucker, while also attempting to mend the relationship between her 14-year-old daughter, Riley, and the teenager’s dad, Russell Spencer.

In other words: there will A LOT going on in Atlanta.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 premieres on Bravo Sunday, November 6 at 8/7c.

Check out the totally insane and awesome preview below:

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