Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: The Return of Chanel!

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The Chanels are finally back on the small screen and they brought a whole lot of drama with them. 

We picked up in the late 1980s, at a Halloween party in spooky hospital. It served as a throwback to the way Scream Queens Season 1 debuted last fall. 

Apparently murders at spooky parties will serve as the opening scene of any season of this Fox drama. I'm totally okay with that. 

Scream Queens Season 2 Cast

The scene was well-executed and yielded all sorts of clues for the season ahead. The scene involved a woman trying to get her husband seen to Halloween. 

Jerry O'Connell played the doctor in the green suit and it was clear he did not want to take anything serious that night. 

He sent the pregnant wife into a waiting room and dispatched of the body at a swamp in the hospital. He also let us at home know that the hospital was shut because of the swamp, but improvements were made. 

The improvements were far from great. If he can still hide bodies that way, then it sort of defeats the purpose of the place being a hospital. 

We then went to the present timeline, with Cathy Munsch introducing us to Taylor Lautner's Dr. Cascade and John Stamos' Dr. Holt. 

It's obvious these two were just brought in for eye candy, but this is Dean Munsch running things. She was having sex with students left, right and center on Scream Queens Season 1. 

It came as no surprise that she would benchmark the candidates for the jobs based on their looks. It's probably the same way the Chanels would run things. 

Cathy enlightened us into how she became the owner of the hospital. If you recall, she was all over the media for her debut book about feminism. 

She amassed a lot of fans in the process and that's what allowed her to speak out in front of the world about her plans to launch the hospital. 

She wants to help cure the incurable. It's an interesting direction for the series to go in, but she struggled due to lack of staff. 

This sent her towards Zayday. 

After witnessing all the murders at Wallace University, Zayday realized she wanted to help people and the only way to do that was by enrolling in med school. 

That entailed working three jobs just to pay for it. After Cathy shows up smoking a joint, she offers Zayday a job at the hospital. 

For Zayday, it's essentially an offer she could not refuse. It would eliminate the need to work all of the extra jobs and she'd actually be doing something that would benefit her career. 

After an awkward introduction with Dr. Cascade and Dr. Holt, we got to meet the first patient. 

Her name was Kathryn and she had a hairy situation going on. The poor woman was hairy all over and had no idea what was causing it. 

Holt and Cascade were pretty vocal that there was no way they could cure Kathryn, but Zayday refused to give up and managed to get the patient to stick with the hospital for a week until they found a cure. 

That's when Chamberlain Jackson made his entrance and offered Kathryn a lollipop and two razors. 

It was hilarious and awkward. He obviously didn't think before he entered the room.

This sent Zayday to Cathy to say they needed more female employees in the hospital. Cathy already had a plan and it was pretty fantastic. 

The Chanels Are Poor

Denise managed to get a confession out of Hester and she was incarcerated for the Wallace University murders. This made the Chanels famous by the way of an award winning Netflix documentary. 

Unfortunately, that didn't mean they could return to their former lifestyles and were forced to live in poverty. 

They struggled to make ends meet, but after graduating from college, they realized their college awards meant absolutely nothing to them.

Chanel then realized that she the other Chanels would need to get jobs helping people, so she got #3 a job in a fertility clinic and #5 a job in a dental clinic. 

The original Chanel took to taking blood from patients and gleefully admitted that she was good at poking people. 

Just as the Chanels were realizing their lives were over, Cathy showed up and offered them a job in the hospital if they enrolled as medical students. 

This was met with a stern look from Zayday who fought her way into med school, while the others got in pretty easily. 

The Chanels met up with the hot doctors and got a little too excited about the whole thing. 

The Chanels were warned to "ghost" the doctors, but they decided to chat about Kathryn's illness right in front of her. 

After #5 questioned Kathryn about how hairy her shower drain was, Zayday went to Cathy to reveal what happened. 

Cathy then put the Chanels on lockdown and let them know there was no pay involved with their position. 

The Chanels Return On Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 1

Chanel then realized she would need to go out of her way to find the cure before Zayday did. 

She went to Dr. Holt and put the charm on. That's when we realized there was something iffy about his transplanted hand. 

It was like it had a mind of its own and went for Chanel's neck. Could this be our first hint about who the new killer is?

Holt and Chanel realized that Kathryn's diet was giving her body too much testosterone and that she would need to go on a soy diet in order to reverse the effects. 

This did cure her disease, but it took every single strand of hair from her body, so the Chanels got to work and gave her a makeover. 

For the first time in her life, Kathryn felt body confident. She was even happy about Chanel calling her a 6 in New Jersey. 

Chanel and Chanel #3 went off on dates to celebrate their success, but #5 was left in the hospital to do the graveyard shift. 

This involved running a bath for Kathryn. The strange thing about all of it is that the baths had locks, so silly #5 went in the bath, too. 

Then, the killer appeared in all of his/her green glory and hacked of Kathryn's head. 

That marks the first kill in the present timeline, but what the heck is going on?

It's clear a lot of people have it out for the Chanels, but will they get picked off?

"Scream Again" set things up very well for the season ahead and I can't wait to see how it all plays out. 

What did you think of it?

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