Rob & Chyna Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: ROBbin' the Cradle!

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Viewers of the latest, greatest E! reality sensation learned a great deal about Rob Kardashian Sunday night on Rob & Chyna Season 1 Episode 2.

Not all of it was positive, however, if we're being honest.

If you watch Rob & Chyna online, or know anything about Rob for that matter, it's clear that he's about as insecure as a person gets.

About a great many things.

Picking up where last week left off - Rob and Chyna accusing each other of cheating and Rob getting kicked out - things were intense.

Perhaps it's fitting given that Blac complained that her alleged baby daddy (unless the Pilot Jones rumors are true) leaves the house.

He left it now, alright! For good?

Rob Kardashian Confessional

After getting the boot, Rob opened up to Scott Disick that he wasn't ready to "move past" their fight, but soon he had a change of heart.

Rob called Chyna in an attempt move on.

"When Rob says really bad stuff about himself, it kinda throws me off a lot because I don't see it," Blac told the camera in a confessional.

"Some of the stuff he thinks and says is really sad."

As for why he's so insecure: "I had a really bad past relationship where the girl was cheating and having sex with so many different people."

He didn't name any names, but it's no secret that Rob once unloaded publicly that Rita Ora cheated on him with 20 dudes. Twenty.

So, yeah, we'd say she's the most likely candidate.

Rita Ora at Billboard Music Awards

Regardless of whether it's Rita or Adrienne Bailon that sent Rob into such a self-loathing tailspin, his life has become pretty surreal.

To hear Scott Disick tell it in the quote of the year:

"Once upon a time, a couple years ago, I lost my whole entire family. Then I had a really big drug problem. Then I was in rehab."

"Then I got out. Then I was still into doing drugs and doing s--t."

"Rob hasn't come out of the house in three or four years, then [Rob] knocked up his girlfriend after two weeks of knowing her."

That would about sum up Rob & Chyna Season 1 Episode 2.

Scott Disick is Worried

Lord Disick also set up cameras to spy on Rob, though he lamented, "I haven't caught one jerk session yet. I think you're an anti-jerkite."

While Rob may not beat the meat as often as Scott might like, he is not opposed to beating a dead horse when it comes to his issues.

"I'm not comfortable in my skin, I'm not comfortable with this weight, I feel like I'm not happy with anything I do," the reality star explained.

Chyna's response, after he used this as a reason for not moving back into the house he shares (shared?) with his pregnant fiance?

"That's f--king whack, Rob."  

Pretty much.

Fortunately, after another heart to heart, and a great final draft by the E! producers and story editors, the couple made real progress!

All kidding aside, it was kind of touching to watch them come together. And no, not in the way Scott would prefer to watch them come.

She reflected on how the media portrays her in a negative light and how hard that is, and how Rob has been going through a lot lately.

Chyna said: "I can understand why you feel a little bit insecure."

"About your body and stuff. Maybe I need to be more supportive of that and not be so hard on you, too. I'm just sorry for being rude.”

"I came across this article bashing me about my ass collapsing," she added, making it abundantly clear that "my ass ain't collapsing."

True or not, "It kinda gets me down a little bit."

Be strong, you two. Hang though.

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