Rihanna: Naked & Holding a Baby in Weird New Pic

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As anyone who follows her on Instagram knows, Rihanna is often naked.

Rihanna in NYC

And she often posts photographs of herself in various states of undress, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

But as much as we appreciate RiRi nudity in all its forms, we have to say, her latest is a bit ... strange.

Rihanna: Nude With a Baby

The pic is part of Rihanna's latest shoot with Terry Richardson, the photographer who's as well known for his eccentricity as for his ability to get famous people to take their clothes off.

So that partially explains what's going on here, but this one's weird even by Richardson's standards.

We have so many questions.

First and foremost, why is she holding a baby?

Is she trying to make a point about breastfeeding in public?

Is this some sort of statement about how nudity is our natural state?

Are we over-thinking this and it's some weirdo sh-t she and Richardson dreamed up while stoned out of their gourds?

It's possible that the answer to each of those last three questions is "yes."

Rihanna: Butt, Bikini, Beer

But let's get back to what's really important about this photo:

Rihanna's boobs.

In all likelihood, you've seen them before.

In fact, there's a chance you've seen those particular boobs more than your own or your spouse's.

So what's really interesting here isn't the fact that Rihanna's boobs are on display.

No, what's unique about this pic is where it was posted.

Instagram's no-nipple policy has made headlines in the past, but it seems that the site has relaxed a bit on its anti-boob stance.

Rihanna Boob Grab Image

This pic has been on Richardson's page for almost four days now, and it hasn't been removed by the IG's boob-hating admins, which is remarkable.

Richardson has over a million followers and this particular pic has almost 34 thousand likes.

Needless to say, it's been in wide circulation for the better part of a week, and as you probably know from your own experiences, social media is a fiery cauldron of rage, so you know someone has reported it.

Or maybe not.

Maybe we're progressing as a society, evolving as a people.

Maybe everyone who this pic, said, "Hey, boobs never hurt anyone!" and just kept moving.

Or maybe once again we're putting way too much thought into Rihanna's boobs.

It's something we find ourselves doing often.

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