NeNe Leakes To The Real Housewives of Atlanta: See Ya!

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NeNe Leakes will not be returning to The Real Housewives of Atlanta for the upcoming ninth season. 

There's been a lot of mixed reports about whether Leakes would be participating on the next season of the reality hit, but she has now set the record straight. 

Her days of being one of the housewives are behind her and she's moving on

NeNe Leakes Sighted In New York City

This is a huge blow to the series as Leakes has got to be the best person on it. 

She can effortlessly create drama out of nothing and the show will not be the same without her. 

NeNe has left before, so there's every reason to believe that she could pop back up in a future season. 

With Leakes out of the show, would producers really approach someone else to stop by for a return visit?

It sounds that way. 

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Body

Leakes revealed that she thinks Kim Zolciak-Biermann could be set to appear in her place. 

What a crazy turn of events. Right?!

"I heard once they couldn't work their deal out with me, they went to Kim Zolciak," Leakes revealed.

This makes it sound like Kim was second best for producers, but NeNe was quick to back her claim up.

"I'm just telling you the truth!"

Everyone appeared to be stunned by the declaration. 

NeNe knows she is a draw with viewers. 

That's why she was wheeling and dealing to get a huge pay rise a few months ago if she returned.

Leakes went on to explain that she she only wanted to guest star on the show here and there, but a deal could not be reached. 

"When we couldn't work the deal out on me making appearances, then they went to Kim to work the same thing, I suppose," Leakes said.

"I'm assuming she took it."

Fans would no doubt settle for a return from Kim, but there's one huge thing that would hold all of this up: Kim is leaving Atlanta

Kroy Biermann Buffalo Bills Photo

Yes, with Kroy Biermann signing with the Buffalo Bills, it means a change in locale for the couple. 

This certainly throws a wrench in that theory. 

Now, there is every possibility she could pop up every so often, but her appearances wouldn't make much sense if she doesn't even live in Atlanta. 

The last time Kim was seen on the show, she stormed out of a lunch date with the ladies after a huge argument. 

It wasn't the best exit, but it was thrilling to watch it all play out. 

Maybe she has unfinished business. 

There's no telling what would go down if she was to return to the show, but might it spell the end for Don't Be Tardy?

Ratings were sinking for Zolciak's reality series, so maybe she could return to try and stay in the public eye for longer. 

A new season of Don't Be Tardy kicks off next week, but there's no definite answer as of yet whether it will serve as a swan song for the reality series. 

The show has its moments, but it isn't all that. 

It can be tedious to watch. 

Leakes closed off her chat about the show with some words about Kim. 

Well, as nice as Leakes could muster. 

Nene Leakes Makes a Face GIF

"I think it's going to be really odd," she admits.

"Kim hadn't been around the show for a while. It's going to be odd having Kim back. But I think the fans want to see her though."

What do you think about this? 

Should Kim return?

Hit the comments below!

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