Miley Cyrus Wants OFF The Voice!

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The rumors about Miley Cyrus butting heads with her co-stars on The Voice has gotten a little out of control.

Last month, it was reported that she and Adam Levine were at each other's throats, and even Alicia Keys was said to act cooly towards the newbie.

Now, Cyrus just wants off the show, and the season isn't even underway yet.

“Miley’s dying to get out of there,” a source told In Touch.

The Voice Season 11 Cast

“Things are so bad. She’s had enough.”

Levine apparently makes her life miserable, pushing the singer to the point where she's constant "in tears" because he "tears apart everything" she does.

"Miley feels like his favorite target,” the source said, adding that Levine "enlisted' his co-star, Blake Shelton to gang up on her.

The foursome shot promos for a new season (premiering September 20th at 8 p.m. on NBC), and after, Levine was downright cruel.

Adam Levine Rolls His Eyes GIF

“She feels like it’s a boys’ club and that she’s all alone," the source said.

"After they wrapped, Adam told her, ‘This will be your first and last season.'

“Miley shot back, ‘If I have anything to do with it, it will be your last season, too!.'

Jeez Louise.

In other kooky Cyrus news, Liam Hemsworth's main squeeze dropped an F bomb on the Today show this morning.

The Voice 8.21.16 Blind Auditions.

Cyrus didn't know her mic was on, so she thought the cameras were on her without sound.

Nope.  The sound was on.

“I don’t know what to do with my face right now!” she joked.

“What should I do with this? I don’t know. There’s no sound, so it doesn’t matter what I’m saying, right? F--k."

Oh that is...special.

The good news?  She cuddled Charlie, the black lab puppy who is being trained as a service dog.

She's also not going to be walking a single red carpet from now on.

“I don’t really want people to talk about what I’m wearing. That’s usually why I don’t wear too much,” Cyrus, who first made the declaration in the October issue of Elle, explained.

“But they make me wear clothes on The Voice and on the Today show and … people are going to talk about it.”

Why is she quitting a significant part of her job?

”Why, when people are starving, am I on a carpet that's red? Because I'm 'important'? Because I'm 'famous'?" she asked.


"That's not how I roll. It's like a skit—it's like Zoolander."

Justin Theroux/Evil DJ: 'Zoolander No. 2' World Premiere

Yeah it kind of is....

"It's really not about the color of the carpet. It's more about, especially women, we get yelled at to blow them a kiss, and I don't feel like blowing you a kiss.

"[The photographers] yell, 'Blow us a kiss!' Like what is going on? Who are you? And then you're just kind of putting yourself out there for people to talk."

Ok, so Miley Cyrus A) wants to quit the voice B) can't control her potty mouth and C) doesn't understand the concept of fame.

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