Kylie Jenner Lingerie Selfie: YOWZA!

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Kylie Jenner loves showing off her body to all of her fans. 

Well, her Instagram fans. 

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star attempted to break the internet with another racy picture of herself

Kylie Jenner: Blonde Hair Image

The Kardashians have no compunction with shedding some clothing to get people talking. 

Kylie uses her beauty to her advantage and has been known to post pictures of herself with very little clothes on. 

Her latest effort is ominously similar to one that her older sister, Kim Kardashian posted in the same day. 

Yes, maybe they have the same publicist, or something. 

Maybe the email was meant for one of them to do the deed. 

It's all pretty crazy. 

Have a look for yourself:

Kylie Jenner Lingerie Selfie
Kim Kardashian: Naked in Miami

Why do the two of them seem to think that taking the pictures from a distance is much better than closer to the mirror?

Maybe they wanted to show us around the room, or something.

We'll probably never know, but it's pretty damn random. 

However, Kim's seemed like it was a full nude shot. 

Kylie is reportedly engaged to her boyfriend, Tyga and she has revealed that she will not be making Tyga sign a pre-nup

That's a bold and silly move considering the consistent reports of Tyga being chased for crazy amounts of money. 

Kris Jenner probably wont be all too pleased if this all comes to fruition. 

She helped make her kids the stars they are today, so she wouldn't be too happy about Kylie making this big decision without thinking about it. 

Kylie has amassed a lot of money throughout her career, so expect her to have a tidy sum put away. 

Maybe this will become a storyline on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

They've got to do something to catch up in the ratings with Rob & Chyna. 

Rob and Chyna Photo

Yes, we're still pretty shocked the new spin-off eclipsed the parent series in the ratings. 

Kris is probably wheeling and dealing right about now, claiming that both shows are a package deal. 

The fate of KUWTK has been questioned a lot recently. 

Ratings slides don't go unnoticed in the TV industry. 

What do you think of all of this?

Hit the comments with your thoughts on the matter. 

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