Lochte Lockdown! Dancing With The Stars Amps Up Security After Ryan Lochte Threat

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Things got a little scary on the set of Dancing With The Stars last week.

Shamed Olympian Ryan Lochte was the target of protestors, who rushed the stage after his live performance.

Fortunately, no one was harmed, but it was the first security threat that left everyone shaken up.

“They have ramped up security even through rehearsals and for the crew,”  a source told Page Six, who called the September 12th ordeal "very scary."

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but it could have been a disaster.

“You didn’t know what was going on," the source added.

"Security handled it very poorly."

This is the first ordeal for the ABC show that has warranted such ramped-up protection.

Ryan Lochte Protestors

“This time they’re going to be patting people down,” the source continued.

“They’ve already sent out a memo saying come an extra hour early … They’re going to lockdown the stage an hour ahead of time.”

Right after it happened, Lochte told host Tom Bergeron that he was a little crazed by what transpired.

"So many feelings are going through my head right now," he said.

Lochte admitted that the protest left him "a little hurt, but I came out here, and I wanted to do something that I'm completely not comfortable with, and I did, and I came out here with a big smile, and I have the best dance partner."

After he was able to collect his thoughts, Lochte posted a message to social media.

"When I asked to do the show, the one thing that I kept hearing was that it was like joining a big family," he wrote.

Ryan Lochte on DWTS

"After Monday's incident, I now know what that means."

"I have gotten so much love from everyone on the show, including my partner Cheryl, my fellow competitors, the producers, the security team and its fans.

"I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the show, and more than ever, I am dedicated to my new family and to working hard to do my best."

Though a gold medalist, Lochte's Olympic career was threatened after he lied about being robbed at gunpoint at the Rio Olympics.

Joining DWTS was Lochte's shot at redemption, though it's clear that some have still not forgiven the once loveable swimmer trying to dupe the public.

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