Kim Kardashian Nude Pics: Look at My Spray Tan!

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Many people out there have gone ahead and gotten a spray tan.

Not many people out there have then felt a need to show off this spray tan to millions of people by sending them multiple nude photos.

But not many people out there are Kim Kardashian.

This is a long-winded way of saying Kim Kardashian has once again posed naked.

Kim Kardashian in See-Through Dress

She didn't do it for a magazine cover or to prove any sort of point about losing weight after having a baby.

No, Kim Kardashian is nude in the following photos because she got a spray tan in Miami. That just about sums it up.

Standing in her Florida hotel room, Kim recorded a video of herself sans clothing, telling Snapchat followers:

"I just did a midnight spray tan, you guys. Tanorexic."

Check it out for yourself:

Yes, tanorexic.

We'd make a comment about how it's in poor taste to use a term based on an eating disorder in any sort of braggadocious fashion, but... well...

... Kim Karashian is nude. So that's all we're really focused on at the moment.

Along with the above video, Kim shared a couple long-distance selfies of her in her birthday suit.

In each, her breasts and her vagina are strategically covered by her arms and the kitchen counter, respectively.

"Spray tans!" the Keeping Up With the Kardashians wrote as a caption to the first picture, which we've been forced to blur out due to concern over our younger readers.

You can click on the image for an uncensored version: 

Kim Kardashian: Nude in Miami

"Miami Life," she then wrote as a caption to the next one.

(Editor's Note: We've been to Miami multiple times. This has never been the life in that city that we've experienced.)

Again, click away for an uncensored look at Kardashian in the buff:

Kim Kardashian: Naked in Miami

Kardashian last went totally naked in March, drawing the ire of such stars as Chloe Grace Moretz and Bette Midler after posing for a nude mirror selfie.

They didn't think it was appropriate for a mother of two to be flaunting her body in such a lewd manner.

Kim admitted she was taken aback by the controversy her nude photo created.

"I was about to get in the shower; I took a nude selfie, kept it in my phone for over a year. I just liked the picture, so I was like, 'Let me put censor bars on it and post it,'" she told Harper's Bazaar in July.

"I don't do things to be like, 'This is powerful. I'm going to show you guys that this is my 'message.' I'm not that type of person. I'm empowered by it, but I'm not doing it specifically to show power."

We don't believe for a second that the nude selfie in that instance was as impromptu as Kardashian makes it sound like in that quote.

But whatever.

If Kim Kardashian wants to take her clothing off on a regular basis and snap pictures and then share those pictures online, we aren't going to complain.

There are bigger problems in the world.

Can't we just sit back and enjoy?

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