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Kim Kardashian just made a rather clear statement.

And she did it with her boobs.

(Really, is anyone surprised?)

Kim Kardashian in Sheer Outfit

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has put her foot breast down when it comes to which member of her famous family has the best chest.

And she’s done so by hurling some pretty clear and major shade in the direction of Kendall Jenner.

Allow us to explain…

On Tuesday, the 20-year-old model showed up on MTV’s Total Registration Live in New York City to get out the word that young people should vote this November.

Everyone should vote this November, of course, but this special and Kendall’s appearance on it were specifically aimed at the millenial generation.

On hand for the event, Jenner rocked an especially short shirt. It put her flat stomach on full display.

And it also revealed just a tad bit of underboob, as you can see below:

Kendall Jenner Rocks The Vote

No big deal. Nothing X-rated or anything. Just a slight tease.

Later that day, Kendall jumped on Snapchat with an extreme close-up of this outfit, writing as a caption to the image:

"Underboob is my ting."

Yes, her ting. Don’t ask.

Kendall Jenner Underboob

Okay, fine. Great. Whatever.

Seems like typical Kendall Jenner fare, right?

But there’s no way you can convince us that this picture and statement didn’t sit well with Kim Kardashian.

She clearly responded to Kendall’s underboob claim by sharing a photo on Instagram last night that was ridiculously revealing and racy, eve by her often-naked standards.

Shield the eyes of your children and take a look below:

Kim Kardashian Underboob Photo

We mean… HOLY UNDERBOOB!!!!!!

"Parisian Vibes," Kim simply wrote as a caption to this image, not making any reference to Kendall’s earlier underboob assertion.

But come on.

Do you really believe it was a coincidence that Kardashian shared this image within hours of Kendall sharing a similar image and trying to claim the concept of underboob as her own?

Neither do we.

There have been rumors for several months that Kim and Kendall aren’t on the best of terms.

Jenner has established herself as a legitimate model around the world, walking runways and posing for national publications.

Some say Kim is jealous of this career and also bitter than Kendall is on record as saying she doesn’t like using her last name; that she wants to become established on her own merit.

Last March, remember, insiders alleged that Kardashian went blonde as a way to divert attention from Jenner’s Fashion Week modeling gigs with Chanel and Fendi.

In June of last year, Kendall broke an Instagram record previously held by… you guessed it… her half-sister.

The sisters can try to deny it all they want, but there’s tension here.

There’s some kind of beef that may not always be present, but that pops up any time Kendall goes near Kim’s turf.

And she probably should have known that the chest area is most definitely Kim’s turf.

Your move, Kendall. But please don’t show us your vagina when you make it.