Jenelle Evans to 9/11 Victims: I Can Sort of Relate!

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Jenelle Evans just said something really stupid on Twitter.

Do you need a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor in reaction to this news?

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bumpin!

Granted, Evans says stupid things on Twitter all the time, having recently complained that she's too rich to qualify for government assistance.

But Evans managed to sink even lower on Sunday, Tweeting her thoughts about 9/11 on the nation's day of mourning... by saying she can relate to those who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks of 2001.

Well, kind of. Sort of. Not really. But still.

"Flying back from NYC and cannot believe that tragedy happened. #WeWillNeverForget #WorldTradeCenter," Evans initially wrote.

There was nothing wrong with this. It was akin to an an endless array of social media messages shared by celebrities and regular people over the weekend.

But then the Teen Mom star added:

"Sorry for everyone that lost their family or friends. My uncle retired a week before. I can almost relate. #NeverForget #Remember911."

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It should really be understood that there's no middle ground to relating to someone who lost a friend or family member in these terrorist attacks.

You can't "almost" understand what someone in this situation has gone through.

But this is Jenelle Evans we're talking about here.

Those who watch Teen Mom online or on television are accustomed to her uttering one asinine thing after another.

Evans received instant backlash to her Tweet, prompting her to follow up with a defense that reads:

“If my uncle hadn’t of retired he would have been dead right now. So no 140 characters isn’t enough to explain…

"Reason I said ‘almost can relate’. No, I don’t know how much hurt and pain it would cause me. Clearly stated that.”

A couple things here:

First, no, Jenelle, you did not clearly state anything.

Didn't you admit that yourself when you wrote that "140 character isn't enough to explain?"

Second, if 140 characters is not enough to explain something related to an event as catastrophic as September 11, perhaps you should not send the Tweet.

Third: What did your uncle even do? Where did he work? How can you say with such confidence that he'd be dead if he did not retire?


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We're not sure why we're trying to analyze anything Jenelle Evans says or does.

This is someone who just confirmed that she's pregnant with her third child, by her third baby daddy.

The kid will be named Ensley Jolie Eason and she is due to enter the world on January 28, 2017, with Evans showing off her baby bump on the red carpet of last month's MTV Video Music Awards.

Check out the photos below of Jenelle and her latest boyfriend, David Eason:

Hey, guess what!

We nearly got a woman pregnant a couple times, but we used a condom and she didn't get pregnant in the end.

So we can almost relate to what Jenelle must be going through these days.

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