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Oh, Howard Dean went there, alright.

Throughout the first Presidential debate of 2016, Donald Trump exchanged barbs with Hillary Clinton on topics that ranged from national security to NAFTA to tax returns and emails.

But whatever. Who cares? Most of that was old news.


Donald Trump Makes a Point

This appears to have been one of the main takeaways from 90 minutes of the candidates debating, at least if the Internet is to be believed.

Aside from simply making for a number of somewhat muddled responses on Trump’s part, the topic is garnering attention because Trump has spent a chunk of his campaign alleging that Clinton is too sick and frail to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

She came down with a case of pneumonia a couple weeks ago.

So it’s understandable that many viewers, especially those in the Democratic or #NeverTrump camp, would respond as follows to Trump’s severe case of the sniffles…

… but it was less expected that a former leading a candidate for his party’s Presidential nomination would do the same.

Like we said above, however, Howard Dean went there.

The former Governor of Vermont and head of the Democratic National Committee, who ran for President in 2004, Tweeted the following message in response to Trump’s condition:

Dean tweet

Dean wrote that message in the middle of a debate most people think Clinton won in a landslide.

Did he cross a line by strongly implying that Donald Trump is a cocaine addict?

Is anything fair game in a Presidential election, especially one as contentious as this one?

Was Dean simply making a joke, similar to when Trump supposed joked that Second Amendment followers should maybe murder Clinton?

Donald Trump, Displeased

Who the heck knows the right answer to any of these questions at this point?

For whatever it’s worth, Trump abstains from alcohol and drugs, largely because his older brother was an alcoholic who drank himself to death. 

As you weight what Dean said and consider whether it’s appropriate for a political figure to charge that a Presidential candidate uses hard drugs just because he had a case of the sniffles, allow us to ask: