Fifty Shades Darker: Teaser & Poster Released!

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Mr. Grey will see you... in February 2017!

The sequel to the hit movie is just months away and we could not be more excited. 

Sure, it was ludicrous in every sense of the imagination, but we must know what happens next. 

Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan Sex Stare

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will return as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, respectively. 

The movie will center on the continued relationship between Grey and Steele, but their relationship will take a darker turn. 

We're not sure that was even possible, but we'll for sure be watching the movie. 

The official poster is as elegant as you would imagine.

Naturally, Grey is putting a masquerade ball mask on Steele.

Should we have expected anything less?

This is a movie about BDSM. 

Fifty Shades Darker Poster

She looks very happy to have it on and even poses for the camera. 

The teaser trailer for the new movie was also uploaded to Instagram. 

This comes one day before the official trailer is set to make its way on to the internet. 

Fans will no doubt be super happy with the teaser. 

Obviously, it doesn't give much away. 

It's more of a taster before the full trailer is released. 

There has been a huge amount of press surrounding reports that Jamie Dornan wanted out of the role, but that's far from the case. 

The second and third movies were shot back-to-back and production is now complete, so he's completed the work he was contracted. 

There is word that a fourth movie in the franchise could be made, but this would depend on whether E.L James was open to writing another novel in the series. 

There's also a possibility that a movie version could be made from Christian's perspective.

Jamie Dornan at The Graham Norton Show

It wouldn't be all that interesting, but it would probably make some more money for the studio. 

The first movie was critically panned, but it managed to make $571 million at the worldwide box office. 

That's hardly a number to sneeze at considering the production budget was $40 million. 

The movie could make a lot less this time round and still be considered a huge success. 

There is a chance that the negative reaction to the first movie could echo through to the sequel.

Fifty Shades Darker Picture

That happen a lot with movies. 

If you release a turd, don't expect the fans to return. 

Maybe a turd is a strong word to use, but the quality of the finished product did not live up to the huge hype. 

What do you think of the latest intel on the movie?

Should the third one be the end of the franchise?

Hit the comments below!

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