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As we reported last week, Chelsea Houska is expecting her second child.

Chelsea Houska Looking Great

This time she’s not knocked up by douchey baby daddy number one, Adam Lind, but rather, by her new fiance Cole De Boer.

(As far as we know, all the rumors that Chelsea and Cole are secretly married have been debunked.)

So right off the bat, she’s in a much better position than she was during her first pregnancy.

In addition to the superior seed-planter, Chelsea is also well-off and no longer a teenager, but even so, she’s admitted to being nervous about baby number two.

In the weeks since she announced her pregnancy, the Housk has taken to social media to fret about everything from the delivery to the baby’s gender.

That second issue may already be resolved, however, as according to her latest tweets, Chelsea knows just what color to paint the nursery:

"Has anyone used the Ramzi Theory to guess the baby’s gender?! If so, was it correct?! I want some1 to tell me what mine is according to it," Chelsea wrote, along with a picture of her sonogram.

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For the uninitiated, the Ramzi Method is a generally reliable means of determining the gender of a baby at about six weeks by analyzing a sonogram.

But it requires an expert.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what everyone on the Internet is.

So Twitter came together, crunched some numbers, carried some ones, and came up with this:

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There you have it, America.

Chelsea is having a boy, thus spake a bunch of strangers on social media.

Hopefully she’ll talk to an actual doctor before she stocks up on blue crap.