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While Chelsea Houska may still be reeling over the nude pic her ex Adam Lind posted to Instagram, she’s not letting that stop her from moving forward in her new relationship.

In a clip for an upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea and her fiance Cole DeBoer announce that they are buying a house together.

"We put down an offer on a house!" Chelsea reveals to her friend Britnee.

They then look at photos of the house from Cole’s phone and admire the trees.

"I literally thought when I bought this house, I was like, okay, I was never gonna move again," she said, speaking about her current home. "For a long time."

But it seems she’s ready to take the next step and go into a mortgage with her new man, who with any luck will continue to keep his clothes on when it comes to social media.

"Hopefully they’ll accept our offer!" she says.

However, the two don’t plan to tell Chelsea’s daughter Aubree, 6, until it’s a done deal.

"We’re not going to tell her until it moves into the next steps," explains Chelsea.

Probably a good plan.

As one of the more stable parents in the Teen Mom clan, Chelsea realizes that buying a home with someone is a significant move.

"We’re buying a house together, I think that’s a big step," says Chelsea.

Chelsea and Cole got engaged in November of last year. But unfortunately for fans, she revealed that her wedding will not be televised.

“Chelsea wants her wedding to be very private and low-key,” a source said of the upcoming nuptials.