Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie: You Unleashed Hell on Our Kids!

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Brad Pitt is reportedly very angry at Angelina Jolie these days.

Because the actress shocked the world and filed for divorce from the actor?

Actually... no. Not exactly.

Brad Pitt at Big Short Premiere

According to the initial TMZ report, Jolie filed for divorce because she was concerned about Pitt as a parent.

Specifically, a source told the celebrity gossip site that Jolie had grown "extremely upset" about Pitt's "methods" of fatherhood when it came to the couple's six children.

That's a pretty damning claim, almost more serious than if Pitt had simply cheated on his wife of two years (and partner of 13 years).

And TMZ now has published a follow-up that claims Pitt is "furious" at Jolie for making these allegations public.

An anonymous insider says Pitt cannot believe Jolie would spin such stories, making it known to the world that he poses a risk to his children, because this makes the family a prime target for paparazzi.

Someone close to the situation claims Pitt has said the following of Jolie's divorce filing and the reason behind it:

She's just unleashed hell.

Brangelina, Pre-Divorce

Why would photographers be more apt to follow Pitt and his kids around, based on what Jolie has asserted?

We suppose his reasoning would be that they'd be trying to snap pictures of him acting as a supposedly bad father.

Other reports have pointed to Pitt's penchant for alcohol and smoking weed as the basis for Jolie's claims.

He allegedly drinks and smokes far too much around the kids, which would explain why paparazzi members would be clamoring to get photographic evidence of these actions.

The perimeter of Brangelina’s the former couple’s Hollywood Hills residence was blanketed by these shutterbugs on Tuesday night, with police officers having to patrol at regular intervals.

TMZ writes that Pitt had discussions with Jolie over the last few days, urging her to handle the divorce "like adults."

How so?

He wanted to everything low key it for the benefit of the kids.

Instead, he argues, she went all out in her attempt to scorch the family's earth, asking a judge for sole physical custody and suggesting he's a bad role model and father.

This isn't the last we'll hear of Pitt's reactions and the divorce in general.

There will continue to be theories and rumors flying around, such as the talk that Pitt cheated on Jolie with Allied co-star Marion Cotillard.

Fortunately, that sort of chatter has not gained much momentum.

Even more fortunately, no one is being stupid enough to claim that Pitt cheated on Jolie with Jennifer Aniston... although we can probably expect a tabloid to do so at any moment.

Still, as we said above, wouldn't those stories actually be more appreciated if you're Brad Pitt?

Would you rather be known as a cheater or as a terrible father?

It's not a choice any man would want to make, but one could argue that the former says less bad things about your character than the latter.

Can you believe Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting a divorce?!?!?!?!?!!?

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