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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are having a pretty big laugh at our expense.

For most of this week, the celebrity gossip world has been discussing the tension between these stars, perhaps even their permanent breakup.

And the chatter got underway after Rob Tweeted Kylie Jenner’s phone number to the world out of anger for Chyna being snubbed by his family in regard to an upcoming baby shower.

Blac Chyna: Almost a Mother!
Photo via SnapChat

From there, the rumor mill really got churning.

Multiple sources claimed Rob and Chyna had split, that they had not seen each other in weeks that the reason why the Kardashians were planning separate baby showers for the former couple.

Was that ever the case?

Were Rob and Kylie ever really in a fight?

It’s impossible to say when we’re talking about a family who scripts its own drama for attention and ratings.

And now we have a video of Chyna and Rob poking fun at all of this talk surrounding their alleged relationship issues.

The pregnant model sent a revealing Tweet of her own on Thursday night, one that simply read “Robert Kardashian Number,” followed by a phone number with a Los Angeles area code.

She followed it up with this Snapchat video:

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

“To ensure that your man is not texting no bitches, just tweet his number out,” she said. “How’s that feel, Rob?”

“Feels good,” Kardashian replied with a smile while standing behind Chyna.

“Get your number changed, thank you!” she added, tossing in:

“And to all these females wanna keep texting his phone ’cause they had his number before, talking about ‘You good? You and Chyna good?’ Naw, we good! We good. We straight, all right?”

Those who watch Rob & Chyna online are aware that Chyna screamed at her man to “stop texting bitches” on the series premiere.

It’s become the signature line of the terrible E! reality series so far.

So it does look as if all if just fine between these two, which is a good thing because Chyna is due to give birth to their daughter some time next month.

Rob Kardashian A Look At His Downward Spiral

Earlier this week, it had appeared as if the relationship was over and that Kardashian was once again living by himself, cutting off all contact with the outside world and eating away his feelings.

At least one report alleged he was back up over 300 pounds.

Insiders said his family was gravely concerned for his well-being because Rob has a history of not taking very good care of himself when he’s down in the dumps.

It was Chyna who pulled him out of his last spiral, so it was therefore fair to wonder how he would return to the land of the healthy living when Chyna was now the one making him depressed.

But we case that isn’t the case anymore.

Or it was never the case and we were played like fools.

We really don’t know.

As we said, however, a child is coming into the world and we’re just happy that her parents will (hopefully) be on good terms when this miracle takes place.