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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna … bless this mess.

This couple is absolutely in shambles this week — they’re always in shambles, honestly, but this week has been especially rough.

It all started on Monday night when Rob made the hilarious but seriously uncool move of tweeting out Kylie Jenner’s phone number.

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He did this, he said, because Rob’s sisters threw a baby shower for him and didn’t invite Chyna. And that does sound like a rude, petty move, but as it turns out, the plan was for Rob and Chyna to have separate baby showers because they had broken up.

But then earlier today we heard that Rob and Chyna are still together, they’re just not speaking or texting.

Yes, it’s all terribly mature and romantic, isn’t it? Except where it’s actually the dumbest, most pitiful excuse for a relationship we’ve seen on reality television in recent memory.

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Don’t worry though, it gets worse: in a new Rob & Chyna clip, which you can see above, Blac Chyna tells Scott Disick that she’s never even met any of Rob’s friends.

She’s engaged to Rob, she’ll give birth to his first child in just a few short weeks, and she’s never met any of his friends.

Yeah, that sounds normal.

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The clip starts with Chyna and Scott planning a party for Rob.

Chyns sounds a little cautious, telling Scott that "Rob always gets nervous and chokes up when he’s around a lot of people," but Scott shuts it down, saying that "everyone needs to start spending time together."

What’s that, Scott? A family should spend time together instead of avoiding each other and fighting over idiotic nonsense? Surely you must be joking!

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Scott continues acting as conductor of the Truth Train, saying that Rob’s "got all these friends that he grew up with that you don’t even know. They keep calling me like ‘Why have I not met Rob’s future wife and the mother of his child?’"

Sadly, Scott says that Rob just kind of shrugs it off when he asks him about it.

As for Chyna, she later tells the camera that "I don’t know none of Rob’s friends, and that’s just different."

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And really, if we had to pick just one statement to sum up Rob and Chyna’s relationship, it would be her saying "that’s just different," tone and all.

We’re not sure exactly what’s going on with these two, and we’re not entirely convinced that even they know what’s going on with them. But it’s probably safe to say that it’s real damn weird.

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna At Sky Beach Club

If she doesn’t know any of his friends, that’s a bad sign. If they’re not talking, that’s a bad sign.

If you consider basically anything that’s happened in their relationship since they began dating at the beginning of this year, they’re all bad signs.

You’ve got to give it up for those Kardashians — whether it’s feuding with each other, being petty and awful, or just having terrible relationships, they really just go for it.