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It was roughly four centuries ago in celebrity gossip years, but there was a time when Ben Aflleck and Jennifer Lopez comprised one of the most scrutinized and obsessed-over couples in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Throwback Photo
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Obviously, Affleck eventually moved on to Bennifer 2.0, but the specter of J-Lo forever haunted his marriage like some big-bootied Ghost of Christmas past.

At this point, it’s been over a year since Affleck split from Jennifer Garner after a decade of marriage, but new rumors about the causes of the separation still seem to surface about once a week.

Given the high-profile nature of her relationship with Ben, perhaps it’s not surprising that Lopez is often the subject of those rumors.

Yes, the tabloids have been persistent in their claims that Affleck and Lopez are getting back together, with some even going so far as to report that Garner gave Affleck the boot after she found out he was still in communication with Jen One.

Several of the less-reliable outlets have claimed that Affleck and Lopez are simply waiting for the dust to settle from his divorce (and her recent breakup with Casper Smart) that the OG Bennifer is back.

Now Life & Style is taking things a step further and claiming the couple just couldn’t stay away from eac other any longer, and are now recreating the early 2000s like a 3 Doors Down cover band.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Tabloid Cover
Photo via Life & Style

“With J.Lo suddenly single and Jennifer Garner preparing to officially file for divorce from Ben, the former couple have been busy reconnecting,” claims an article in the latest issue of L&S.

“They’ve been talking on the phone for hours at a time,” a source tells the tabloid.

“Their relationship was always intense and had a lot of passion. It’s like they are back together already.”

The mag goes on to claim that the reconciliation was Lopez’s idea:

“After splitting from Casper [Smart], she reached out to Ben. She thinks he could be the one and is convinced they’ll make the perfect couple.”

The source adds that is “open to reuniting, too,” adding:

“Once his divorce is official, she’d love to be running around town with him.”

Running around town together?

Sounds like a remake of the “Jenny From the Block” album is on its way!

Sure, sources from both camps have flat out denied the rumor, with one rep dismissing the report as “stupid,” but we prefer to live in a world where true love will always find a way – and it’s always 2001.

* pops in Linkin Park CD, weeps gently *

Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, y’all.