Matt Baier Child Support Cases Dropped! Is Amber Portwood's Fiance Telling the Truth?!

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Earlier today, we reported that Amber Portwood's fiance, Matt Baier, was called the "ultimate con artist" by his own son.

Amber and Matt

Needless to say, no one seemed very surprised by the 26-year-old's assessment of his estranged father.

After all, Baier allegedly has nine kids by seven different baby mamas, most of whom have filed suit against the 45-year-old deadbeat dad over the course of the past year.

Several women have claimed that they were unable to locate Baier in order to demand that he pay for years of back child support.\

Others say he declared financial hardship, and they decided to go after him once he started bringing in those hefty Teen Mom checks.

Whatever the reason that he got away with it so long, it looked like the jig was up for Baier.

But then something completely unexpected happened...

The case started turning in Baier's favor.

First, Baier avoided a showdown in court by securing a delayed hearing that would allow his lawyers to shore up a better defense.

Apparently the extra time was all they needed, because Radar Online is reporting that two of Baier's five child support cases have been dropped.

It's safe to assume non-disclosure agreements were part of the ruling, as none of the parties involved have spoken publicly about the case.

It's possible that Baier and the unidentified women have settled out of court, or that the claimants are planning to refile in a different court.

Whatever the case, the other women who claim they've been stiffed by Baier remain outspoken on the topic of their ex:

“I’m repulsed by him,” said his ex Jeannette Reedy in a recent interview.

That seems to be the consensus, Jeannette.

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