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Bombshell. DROPPED!

About Mary Drake? About her secret baby?

Not exactly. Viewers were taken aback by a different piece of information on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 9.

The Wrath of Kahn Scene
Photo via Freeform

We speak of Jaria and of the revelation that, at some point during those five years the series skipped over, Aria and Jason were once again hot and heavy.

They danced the Horizontal Mambo together.

They got all up in and around each other’s private parts.

They had sex, is what we’re trying to say.

While on a fact-finding mission with her ex, Aria’s mind drifted back to these memories on Tuesday night, although we somehow doubt she shared any of them with Ezra.

As for Ezra, the clerk mistook Jason for Aria’s fiancée on “The Wrath of Kahn.” However, instead of coming out and denying their engagement, Jason agreed that Aria is “really special.”

And he would know!

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 9 Online
Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 9 Online

Unfortunately for Jason — who got pretty dar close to talking his way back into Aria’s life — Ezra texted her that Nicole was NOT one of the hostages.

So he’s coming back to Rosewood.

At least, from Jason’s point of view, he and Aria did discover that Noel’s dad was the judge who signed for Mary’s secret adoption, prompting the gals to conclude that Noel is the kid in question.

Does this mean it’s actually true?

Probably not. We are talking about Pretty Little Liars here.

Elsewhere during a pretty fun Freeform hour:

Aware that she couldn’t possibly tell Sabrina what’s truly going on with A.D., Emily turned to Paige.

Why was she already sitting at the café watching Sabrina when Emily called her? We don’t know. But we’re guessing for some kind of shady reason.

Hanna spent a bulk of the episode following Noel, unaware that Spener had already found a video that proved he assisted Charlotte in torturing the girls inside that scary dollhouse.

“Be careful, Hanna, or you’ll end up just like Sara,” Noel told her, although perhaps he should the one who needed a warning.


Because the concluding moments of this Pretty Little Liars Season 7 episode found Hanna knocking him out from behind and then sort of going all The OC on him.

“It’s over bitch," she proclaimed.

Really, though, is it? As we said above: This is Pretty Little Liars after all.

What did you think of the Jaria flashback? Are you buying that Noel is really Mary’s son? And how psyched are you for next week’s finale??!?

Chime in below as you head over to TV Fanatic in order to watch Pretty Little Liars online.