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There were grave consequences to a certain action on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 6.

And those grave consequences were this: someone is now dead.

Serious Spencer
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So… which resident of Rosewood is no longer a resident of Rosewood? Or of Planet Earth?

Sara Harvey.

She’s gone in spirit (and in pulse and all that), but Sara’s bloody corpse is very much still in the bathtub of her room at The Radley, as she was discovered in the concluding moments of the episode by the world’s unluckiest maid. 

The question, of course, now turns to the identity of Sara’s killer. Jenna has to be the main suspect, right?

How many folks out there are still convinced she can actually see?

There’s also Noel Kahn, who returned last week and was then missing in action this week. Suspicious!

He’s either the culprit here or he’s the masked cop who attacked Alison. We’re (pretty) positive of that.

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 6 Online
Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 6 Online

While we think of a eulogy to pen for Sara and while we lineup suspects in our mind, here are other things to note and consider from Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 6:

Aria told Ezra all about Elliott’s murder, afraid she would scare him off, yet certain it needed to be said.

However, Ezra handled the stunning revelation like a champ, responding to this confession by proposing again. And she said yes!

(Is anyone really shocked? Ezra ain’t no saint, as those who watch Pretty Little Liars online know all too well. He would have been a major hypocrite if he judged Aria too harshly.)

Spencer and Toby were once again in tears. Why?

Because Spencer reconnected with Caleb, to whom she’ll forever be grateful for opening up her heart post-Toby.

Then came the final, official nail in the Spaleb coffin: Spencer pushed Hanna to tell Caleb about her split from Jordan. It was essentially a passing of the torch… with the torch being Caleb in this case.

Jenna informed Emily that she was (supposed) friends with Charlotte.

Mona had evidently built Jenna up in Charlotte’s view as some kind of “celebrity" and she alleged that all of her secret shenanigans have been to find out who truly killed Charlotte.

This explained her cellular connection to Elliott and her awareness that he was lying about his identity.

Finally, a police officer hooked up with Spencer. Who the heck is this dude?!? Any guesses as to whether he’ll be good, bad or somewhere in between?

Or is that a silly question to even ponder on Pretty Little Liars?