Kim Zolciak Fits Into Her High School Jeans, In Case You Were Wondering

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Kim Zolciak has a very important announcement to make.  

She's drinking a shake that has allowed her to get back into her jeans from high school ayoooooooooo.

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"THANK YOU @310nutrition my every morning drink!!," Zolciak posted to Instagram on August 21st.

"I NEVER liked breakfast I know I know it's bad for you not to eat in the morning... Blah blah... Pregnant of course I did, after Kj in 2011, Kash in 2012, and twins Kane and Kaia in 2013 my body was use to eating breakfast but I just couldn't do it!

"Sooooo that's when I found @310nutrition and it's been 2 yrs every morning I make my shake! I switch it up weekly as to flavor, fruit, almond milk, coconut water etc! I feel the BEST I EVER HAVE!!!

"I wear the same size jean that I wore in high school  and NO a tummy tuck doesn't make you skinny! so don't start... #310Nutrition #6KidsLater #4In30Months #Bye."

Zolciak has said time and time again that she has no problem saying whether or not she goes under knife.

"I will always nip and tuck if I feel the need to do so" Zolciak-Biermann said at one point.

"I'm open about it. I don't care. You only go around one time, and I especially understand that." I had a boob job and I've had a hernia fixed," Zolciak told E! News back in May.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Body

"I had a pretty big hernia from the twins, so I said just do a tummy tuck, which is kinda the same thing, just make the skin really tight.

"But that doesn't change my size. I'm the same size I was the day I walked into surgery, I'm just a little bit tighter looking."

It's unclear whether Zolciak was paid by the company to post that Instagram or whether it really does work.  

The Kardashians are being accused of accepting money from brands in order to promote a product, but are not clearly stating whether or not it's sponsored.

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