Kim Zolciak Brags About Butt Injections: Check Out My Smooth Tush!

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Kim Zolciak has done a 180 on that whole "I never got plastic surgery thing."

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For years, the reality star had claimed her body was completely natural, writing the hashtag "#BornWithIt" as part of her caption to many an endless array of selfies.

But then Zolciak opened up to E! News in May about a past boob job and tummy tuck.

"I had a boob job and I've had a hernia fixed," she said at the time, explaining that the procedures didn’t "change my size" and adding:

"I'm the same size I was the day I walked into surgery. I'm just a little bit tighter looking."

Yes, that's sort of the point of most plastic surgery: to tighten one up and to battle the aging process.

Now, meanwhile, the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member has taken her plastic surgery yet another step further.

On Monday, Zolciak shared an Instagram video of herself getting injections in her rear end in order to eliminate cellulite.

The physician responsible for Zolciak's new, dimple-free derriere is Simon Ourian, who has done similar work for Kim Kardashian and her famous siblings.

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“I’m so excited to share with you something I just learned from the incredible @simonourianmd1," Zolciak wrote as a caption to the footage.

"I went to see what he could do about these couple of dimples (really cellulite) on my butt cheeks and he got rid of them permanently!!'

“I’m soooo excited!!! I personally like to look and feel my best soooo thank you @simonourianmd1 for giving me my smooth tush back haven't see that in a few years.

"#AlwaysHadThisOneDimple #SinceICanRemember #ItsGone #Finally FOLLOW HIM TO GET MORE DETAILS @simonourianmd1."

There's a good chance Zolciak was either paid to reference Ourian in this manner; or, at the very least, that she got the implants for free as a result of doing so.

Ourian is also the man who helped give Kylie Jenner her famous (infamous?) pout.

In November of last year, the mother of of six made headlines after she took her 19-year-old daughter, Brielle, to get lip fillers from Dr. Ourian.

“She bothered me for five years about her lips,” Zolciak-Biermann told Us Weekly about it in a May interview.

“She was like, ‘I hate my lips, I hate my lips.’ So I’m like, then go fix them! You only go around this planet once. If it makes her happy, so be it.”

That's a somewhat fair argument.

One could also argue that it is a mother's job to be a role model and to explain to one's child how one ought to be happy with what God gave her.

You can try to instill self-confidence in your kid... or you can pay for a doctor to fix whatever body part they don't like.

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