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Last week, Kendall Jenner wrote about loving life without the restraint of a bra.

In a perfect world, I would agree with her.  However, I am not build like Kendall and therefore need to put the girls in bra jail every day.

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What’s even more fun about going braless?  Showing off nipple rings, of course!

"[Jewelry designer] Jacquie Aiche made me a couple of pieces that are really sick, like a pair of angel wings," Jenner wrote on her app.

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"I think people are obsessed with the topic because it seems so unexpected of me."

Yeah, we’re also getting kind of squirmy thinking about angel wing piercings sticking out of our nipples, but go on.

"My sisters were honestly shocked that I did it. I was going through a period in my life, having a rough time, being a rebel and was like ‘Let’s just do it,’" Kendall admitted.

The model’s younger sister, Kylie actually had hers pierced before Kendall.  However,  Kendall would like the record to show that it was her idea first.

"I wanted to get the piercing for so long before Kylie. She did hers and then everyone thought I copied her,” Kendall wrote.

Then…she heard about the pain.  Kylie apparently claimed that getting the nips pierced hurt like a bitch, but Kendall found out herself that Kylie was just being a chicken.

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The whole experience "wasn’t that bad," Kendall wrote.

“I guess I have a super high pain tolerance!”

Listen, everyone is free to pierce or ink whatever part of their body they want.  I just don’t want to hear about the awesome designs custom-made for your new hole.  It’s too much.

But as far as letting your boobs breathe, go cray.

“I think it’s cool and I really just don’t care!. It’s sexy, it’s comfortable, and I’m cool with my breasts," Kendall wrote.

"That’s it!”