Ben Affleck: Drunk at Suicide Squad Premiere?!

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Though his personal life has been making tabloid headlines for quite some time, Ben Affleck's career has been on the upswing for even longer.

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Yes, we all enjoyed a laugh at the "Sad Affleck" memes that circulated in the wake of the poor critical reception for Batman v Superman.

And yes, the Suicide Squad reviews have been equally dire, but even so, it's hard to think of another instance of a Hollywood multi-threat crushing it in as many different ways as Affleck is right now.

This is a guy with two Oscars on his mantel who still suits up and rakes in those sweet, sweet superhero checks playing arguably the most beloved comic book character of all time.

Unfortunately, it seems there's little the guy can do to shake off the negative press that's surrounded him for the past year.

Ever since his separation from Jennifer Garner back in the summer of 2015, the actor-director's personal life has been fertile ground for all manner of rumors.

Many of them have surrounded allegations about Affleck's alcoholism.

Though he checked into rehab early in his career and was sober for several years afterward, Affleck has admitted to drinking while filming Gone Girl in 2014 and there have been rumors about other benders that the 43-year-old attempted to keep under wraps.

Now, several onlookers are saying that Affleck appeared to be intoxicated at the US premiere of Squad.

Obviously, we can't confirm or deny this, but we also can't say we'd be surprised if the Batfleck had a few pre-red carpet.

Not because we have any knowledge of how much he's boozing these days, but because he's never been the type to relish public appearances; Squad isn't really his movie, so he knew he wouldn't be center stage; and again, those reviews have been downright no bueno.

But hey, at least he's not trying to shut down Rotten Tomatoes over it, right?

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