The Bachelorette Season Finale Recap: Who Did JoJo Fletcher Choose?!

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After three months of drama, on and off screen, The Bachelorette season finale is upon us once again, and this one should be something.

Will The Bachelorette spoilers be proven correct, or will an epic twist rock JoJo, Jordan, Robby and all of Bachelor Nation to the core?

JoJo, Jordan, Robby

If we want to channel our inner Chris Harrison for a moment, this may indeed be the most anticipated, controversial finale of all time.

JoJo Fletcher, the beautiful Dallas real estate developer, has spent 10 weeks whittling down 25 suitors to Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes.

All the while, dispatching the likes of unstable Chad Johnson, affable Chase McNary, honorable Luke Pell and more. It's been a wild ride.

So would JoJo give the final rose to Rodgers, the smooth, shady brother of NFL star Aaron Rodgers, with whom he no longer communicates?

Or would it go to Hayes, another jock who shares palpable chemistry with JoJo ... and allegations of playing fast and loose with the truth.

Yes, both gentlemen (term used loosely) met her family as Fletcher grappled with the most difficult and consequential decision of her life.

JoJo Fletcher on the Bachelorette Finale

Who does she see a brighter future with - and can she trust that person with her heart, especially given the doubts surrounding either?

Rodgers' history with his own family is suspect, as is his past with Brittany Farrar. Robby and Hope Higginbotham could be even worse.

So which guy got the rose, if anyone? Did they get engaged - and perhaps most consequentially of all, are they still engaged right now?

Man alive, the producers sure know how to cut a slick series finale, keeping us guessing until the bitter end how things might turn out.

JoJo's family seemed to favor Robby up until the end, and he sure looked like a man fully confident that his proposal would be accepted.

Jordan, meanwhile, did NOT ask JoJo's family if he could marry her, and seemed genuinely conflicted as to what he personally wanted.

It was as if all the hesitations and reservations JoJo - nay, America - had about the frontrunner from the start were finally being revealed.

One would be forgiven for feeling like a Robby Hayes upset was night until the 11th hour - and Fletcher's final rose ceremony - Monday.

Not the case.

After all that, things ended almost exactly as predicted. Two hours of intense drama later, The Bachelorette spoilers were proven correct.

As usual. 

JoJo Fletcher picked Jordan Rodgers. She "wanted it to be" Robby, she told the jilted runner-up in tears, but the heart wants what it wants.


Robby and Jordan

He proposed, she said yes, and they all lived happily ever after ... or did they? The $10 million-dollar question, however, remains this:

Are JoJo and Jordan still together?!

For weeks on end now, he says, “This has been coming too loud and too often to ignore. I trust these sources who have told me this."

"Put it this way, I’ve had way more people tell they aren’t together anymore than ones that said they are," the Oracle of Spoilers adds.

"Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is saying that everything is great, they’re in love, and things are working out perfectly," Steve reiterated.

Asked by one Twitter fan if he was speculating about the breakup of Jordan and JoJo, the blogger stated that it’s his job “not to guess."

Sounds like a pretty definitive IT'S OVER to us.

As for why this did not square with what we see on the After the Final Rose special, upon which they appeared over the moon in love?

They could be putting on a front, basically.

Wait until the media circus dies down, preserve some element of the facade that the show helps people fall in love, then quietly part ways.

We're not saying that's the case, but ... if it were the case, we would not be the slightest bit surprised, and the reason for this is simple:

At some point, JoJo had to learn the truth.

About Jordan Rodgers, about Aaron Rodgers, about Brittany Farrar, about his other ex(es), his motives for going on the show ... everything.

We're not even saying we know what "it" is, only that she had to learn it. And, by virtue of there being something, or things, to learn?

Let's just say we're talking about obstacles that are obviously complex and highly emotionally charged at best, or deal-breakers at worst.

If it's not over already ... give it a few weeks.

Agree? Disagree? Did JoJo make the right choice, and regardless of how you feel about that question, will they make it to the altar?

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