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In September of 2015, Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, married Isaiah Silva in a ceremony that came as a surprise to everyone, including Frances’ sentient cocaine line of a mother, Courtney Love.

Now, to the surprise of very, very few Frances and Isaiah are calling it quits, and FBC is doing everything she can to keep the Kurt lookalike’s hands off her Nirvana cash.

According to TMZ, Frances is the one who filed for divorce, and her court documents specify that Silva should not even think about making a grab for her father’s estate, estimated at about $450 million. 

She also indicated, however, that she would be open to paying spousal support.

Frances generally keeps a low profile, but she was all over the tabloids for a few weeks last year, and not just because of her somewhat controversial marriage.

While promoting the new documentary about her father, Montage of Heck, Frances appeared thin and pale at a number of red carpet events, leading to rumors that she was following in her parents’ tragic footsteps.

The 23-year-old also said that she doesn’t like Nirvana and stated the obvious truth that Kurt wasn’t the greatest dad, thus attracting the ire of Internet morons. 

We’re sure going through an ugly divorce with Kurt’s doppelganger won’t help her opinion of her dad or his band.