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Last month Courtney Stodden suffered a miscarriage just weeks after confirming that the rumors of her pregnancy were true.

Courtney Stodden Topless Image
Photo via Instagram

Naturally, there was talk that Courtney had faked her pregnancy, but in all likelihood, we’ll never know for sure exactly what happened, and that’s okay.

Some (like Courtney’s mom) will continue to maintain that the "pregnancy" was a publicity stunt and that Courtney was never actually expecting.

Others will insist that what we’re seeing here is a young woman hurting in a very real way, and to question her pain is to invalidate the suffering of millions of women who have suffered miscarriages.

Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that Courtney has been exhibiting some truly troubling behavior in recent weeks.

We won’t get into whether or not she faked her pregnancy – but the question of whether or not she’s reveling in the attention she’s been receiving in the aftermath is totally open to debate.

You see, it’s not just that Courtney is grieving – it’s that she’s doing so in an extremely public, and seemingly very self-aware fashion.

Last week, Courtney basically told fans that she planned to develop a drinking problem in the wake of her miscarriage.

This week, she not only kept the Tragic Boozy Blonde theme going (open letters to Marilyn Monroe, photos of champagne glasses complete with Lana Del Rey lyrics as captions), she also went a puzzling step further:

In the clip above, Courtney announces her intention to shave her head.

She doesn’t go into much detail as to the connection between her hair and her miscarriage, but we’re sure she’s equipped with some response about grieving in her own way if anyone should question it.

Anyway, as you can see, she totally went through with it.

Courtney Stodden Shaved Head Photo
Photo via Instagram

Now again, it’s not our place to question if Courtney was actually pregnant or if she’s actually in the throes of depression.

However, since she’s chosen to mourn so publicly, we can’t help but think it would be a good idea if those closest to her encouraged Courtney to step away from social media, put down the bottle of Moet and the DVD of Some Like It Hot and take some time to experience these feelings in private for a while.