Buffy Honors "Brave Friend" Brenda Walsh, '90s Fans Everywhere Weep

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Sarah Michelle Gellar made a declaration of love for her friend, Shannen Doherty who is currently battling breast cancer.

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"My #mondaymuse (and really every day #muse) is my brave friend @theshando," Gellear wrote on Instagram.

"I've always said she is one of the most loyal friends I've ever known, and now while she is facing the toughest journey of her life, she is sharing it with friends she has never met in the hopes of helping other people who are going through the same struggle.

"That's a true friend #FuckCancer."

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The two women certainly made their mark on '90s pop culture; Gellar played the title role on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, while Doherty will always be remembered as the headstrong, lovesick-over-Dylan Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Over the weekend, Doherty shared an update with fans on chemotherapy, which anyone who has gone through knows can kick the absolute crap out of a patient.

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"Each persons cancer journey is different," she shared via Instagram.

"For me, chemo has been terrible and believe me, we have tried almost everything. So days like this have become a bit of the norm. I'm learning that it's ok to fall into bed and give in to the exhaustion or nausea or aches."

Last week, Doherty told Entertainment Tonight's Jennifer Peros that the breast cancer has spread since her March 2015 diagnosis.  

Doherty is suing her former management company for failing to pay her health insurance premiums, which prevented the star from getting an earlier diagnosis.

"The unknown is always the scariest part," Doherty told Peros "Is the chemo going to work? Is the radiation going to work? You know, am I going to have to go through this again, or am I going to get secondary cancer?" she wondered.

Doherty said she could handle the pain and living without a breast, but what she's finding hard to handle is not knowing what the future will bring, and how her future "is going to affect" her loved ones.

Right now, Doherty is doing all she can to raise awareness.  She's drawing strength from reading stories of others going through the same thing, 

"It's easier to live with having cancer if I know I helped at least one person."

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