Blake Shelton: Planning Televised Proposal to Gwen Stefani?!

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It's tough to say exactly what's going on with Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's relationship these days.

All we know for sure is that these two are definitely getting ready to take it to the next level.

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First there were rumors that Blake and Gwen secretly got married.

Confusingly, those were followed up by reports that after months of rumors, Blake and Gwen finally got engaged.

We're more inclined to put our faith in the latter piece of intel.

Not only is it more believable (Like these two would get married without immediately selling the pics to People!), it also comes from TMZ.

Say what you will about the site's tactics, Harvey Levin and company are not in the business of being wrong.

Anyway, now a new rumor has come down the pipe that may or may not contradict the other two.

You see, Radar Online is reporting that Blake may propose to Gwen on a special episode of The Voice this season.

"But, THG," you may be shouting in your cubicle right now.

"Didn't you just say that it looks like Blake and Gwen are already engaged!"

To which we say:

You really need to pipe down, or you're in for another talk with HR.

And also, yes, that does seem to be the case, but considering there may be big bucks involved, we're sure Blake can muster up the energy to get down on one knee a second time.

“Executives are really pushing for an on air engagement," a source close to the show tells Radar.

“They told them both last season that there would be a huge bonus for them if they agreed to get engaged on the show and, of course, the offer still stands."

Gwen will not be a judge on the show's upcoming 11th episode, but she's already planning a cameo.

And it seems Blake is pushing to have his bride brought back to the show in a full-time capacity ASAP:

“He is already asking them to bring her back for Season 12 and Season 11 hasn’t even started yet!” says the insider.

Yeah, get married and work together in a competitive environment!

What could go wrong?

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