Beyonce and Jay Z Rock Matching Outfits at Film Premiere

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Forget Becky with the Good Hair for a minute.

Let's focus instead of Beyonce with the the Pinstriped Jacket.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Match!

The singer and her rather famous husband made a rare public appearance on Monday evening, attending the premiere of Hands of Stone.

They did so as a show of support to pals Usher and Robert De Niro, both of whom are in the movie.

And they also did so while wearing matching outfits!

As you can see above, Bey and Jay were dressed in coordinating grey ensembles.

The 34-year-old artist rocked a plunging double-breasted jacket with matching pin-striped pants... while the 46-year-old music mogul looked handsome in a white dress shirt and suit.

Can you say #RelationshipGoals?

Beyonce and Jay Z clearly can.

The sweet image was uploaded to Snapchat and has been receiving rave reviews from fans on social media.

"Familia," Usher captioned the romantic backstage photograph. 

Beyonce and Jay Z Attend Wimbledon

There was a period fairly recently, of course, where folks weren't sure if Beyonce and Jay Z would last as a couple.

The former dropped a visual album, "Lemonade," that appeared to be a direct shot as her husband, specifically his wayward penis and his history of infidelity.

Beyonce never confirmed that Jay Z had cheated on her, but it was difficult to interpret certain lyrics any other way.

Here. See what we mean for yourself:

Following the release of this album, pretty much the entire world started to speculate over "Becky with the Good Hair."

That seemed to be the name Beyonce had given to the woman who slept with Jay Z, though the Internet was never able to officially identity this mistress.

Because she didn't exist? Because Beyonce hinted at rumors of infidelity solely to garner publicity and increase sales?

We'll probably never know.

Bey and Jay comprise one of the most popular couples in Hollywood, one of the best looking couples in Hollywood... and also one of the quieter couples in Hollywood.

Quick, when was the last time one of them spoke in public about the other? You can't think of a time, can you?

Of course there is the occasional rumor of Beyonce keeping women away from Jay Z or something.

But very little out of the mouths of the superstars themselves.

In this latest public outing, Beyonce and Jay Z spent their date night mingling with guests that included New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, actor Edgar Ramirez and the movie's executive producer Harvey Weinstein.

Witnesses say they looked happy and healthy and totally in love.

CRAZY in love, one might even say.

We feel silly for every doubting these two.

Whatever Beyonce and Jay Z went through, they've clearly come out on top, better than ever.

Not only are they still together, they are making money over their perceived hiccups and laughing all the way to the bank.

Like we said: #RelationshipGoals. Heck, #LifeGoals.

Bey and Jey 4 eva!

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