Beyonce: Keeping Other Women Away From Jay Z?

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Things between Beyonce and Jay Z have been turbulent recently. 

Ever since Beyonce uncorked her latest attack on the album charts, her marriage has been placed under a microscope. 

Beyonce And Jay Z at NBA Finals Game Six

Lemonade was enough to send the Internet into meltdown, as fans tried to figure out what the heck Beyonce was talking about. 

Could Jay Z really have cheated on his Queen?!? Would he dare?

That's an answer we'll probably be waiting an eternity for, but we can speculate in the meantime. 

Beyonce is allegedly cutting all the women from her husband's life in an effort to save her marriage. 

"Beyonce has got Jay by the balls and he's very lucky he's still around," an insider told Radar.

Would Jay Z have it any other way? 

There's also word that he knew what Lemonade was about and he just had to put up with it. 

"He misbehaved sure, but he'll never do it again," says the insider. "She basically told him she was doing her Lemonade album to clear the air and he had to, literally, face the music."

It's unclear whether this would confirm that he cheated on Queen Bey, or flirted. Either way, Beyonce ain't impressed and she's not about to shorten the leash on him.

The insider even goes as far as saying that Beyonce threatened him with rules that he absolutely must follow if he wants to remain with her. 

"Beyonce made a list of all the women he's been linked with and declared a ban on each and every one, including Rita Ora and Rachel Roy," said the insider. "She said she better never hear him connected with these women again."

We'd like to know just how big this list is and if it's genuine or not. 

Now, said the insider, "Jay's got no choice but to suck it up or he's going to face a billion-dollar divorce."

Beyonce is a top class singer, but it's now clear that she's also great at keeping her man in line. 

If she ever wants a break from singing, she should give advice to women who want to keep their men from straying. 

What do you think about all of this?

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