Woman Alleges "Sexual-Style Assault" By Doll in Restaurant

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Here is something you don't read about everyday:

A patron at a Japanese steakhouse in Tennessee is very mad right now because she and her husband claim she was the victim of a “sexual-style assault” during a recent meal there.

The alleged perpetrator was a plastic doll.

Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse

Isabelle Lassiter and her family were eating at the Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse in Murfreesboro on Monday evening when a chef brought out a toy figure that resembled a little boy.

The chef proceeded to pull down the doll's pants.

It produced a thin stream of water that came flying out of a hole located in the doll’s private area, hitting Lassiter in the face, she claims.

And she is none too pleased over the incident.

“He pulled his little shorts down and it had a wanger and he squirted me right in the face,” Lassitter told Fox17.com.

squirting doll

According to restaurant manager Johnny Huang, the doll is an often-used part of the show customer get during a meal.

Chefs use the toy to control flames on the hibachi, he said, and sometimes have fun with him and those sitting around the giant grill.

“The kids like it, they think it’s a water gun,” Huang told TV station WREG.

However, Lassiter’s husband, James, referred to the water incident as “a sexual-style assault on my wife,” according to NBC4i.com.

Displeased that the spraying took place “in front of our minor children and grandchildren,,” James and Isabelle called the authorities and filed a police report.

No charges have been filed yet.

Mostly because the allegation is asinine, we presume.

“It really didn’t have a wiener, but you got the point,” Isabelle said, while her husband added:

"Just because somebody cut off a piece of plastic... doesn’t change the fact that you’re getting peed on."

We mean... it sort of does. Once you stop and consider that it isn't urine, it's water.

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